So, the holidays are over and there are two predominant ads floating around the airwaves lately.

These guys just don’t give up.  Take off the pressure to present overpriced necklaces, watches, rings, and the ever-present tennis bracelet under the misletoe (sidebar…who in the hell plays tennis in jewelry–Williams sisters aside–much less a bracelet covered in diamonds?!), and redirect that pressure to give her a heart shaped locket, charm bracelet, or (groan say it with me) that big deal diamond ring for that holiday that beats all other days of commercialism (and guys wallets) that’s filled with hearts, roses, cupids, and candy.  (Oh, but no lie, I love the day after when all the candy goes on sale.  Now that’s a holiday!)  My thoughts on it; if you love him/her, you tell or show them that all the time, not just one day of the year because the card companies and florists say you should.

I never really thought about it before, but just after the start of the new year all of the cruiseliners start filling in the breaks of the new seasons of our favorite couch past time.  “Wow, look everyone’s having fun.  Ooh, I bet it’s warm where they are.  What?!  A giant slide…and putt putt?!”  Two things fuel this fun bombarding my snack break to the kitchen.  It’s not their peak season, so they need money (but hey that means it’s cheap for you), but it’s also when families might, even subconsciously, start thinking about their summer vacations.  So the bright spot is that you can go now while it may be cheap, but a summer cruise…not so sure about that one.

3 Responses

  1. Or how about all the commercials about turning your gold into cash? So you can either by the jewelry new, or have your old stuff melted down so you can afford to go on a cruise.

  2. every other ad, over here is turn your old gold into cash. which translates into “let us rip you off ”
    I have never been on a cruise ( i nearly said i have never been cruising !! now that would have put a different light on it ! hahaha) but i have a friend with some good stories… i couldn’t sit for a week like that though …

  3. […] In my recent Ad-renaline post, I forgot to mention another overwhelmingly predominant ad this time of […]

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