My favorite thing

I definitely have one thing that is wonderful about this time of year.  It comes from a seemingly unlikely place.  Imagine if you will, a cantankerous, aloof, snooty cat with more attitude to spare than the biggest queen backstage at a drag show.  And then couple it with bitterly cold weather.  It would seem like a cold, sad, lonely existence for Sally right?  But every year I’m reminded that Diva Kitty loves warmth.  So, when the mercury dips, she opts to snuggle up next to me and even sit in my lap on occasion.  We have a sort of secret that she does this, and neither one of us acknowledges it, but I think we both actually like it.  I know Diva Kitty would never admit she does this, and certainly would never let anyone know.  It personally is one of my favorite times of year.  (even if my left leg is falling asleep and I’m afraid to move and wake her or worse yet, lose a finger)

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