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I got interested in this show a couple years ago when one of the non-cable networks threatened to start showing it (fully edited) for about a minute, and I noticed that Michael C. Hall (as seen on my beloved “Six Feet Under”) was the lead character.  So, a couple years later, I started receiving the show on DVD from my mail-order-entertainment-service, and I discovered they also have it on a instant streaming capability too.  So, I’ve been getting my fix of blood, serial killers, and more blood lately.  Already started the second season and it’s hard to not watch several episodes at once when I should be doing other things.  Even harder is I’m watching it with someone, so I have to resist the urge to watch more episodes when I’m home alone!

3 Responses

  1. It’s kinda the same in our house with Heroes, if one of us is out we have to tape etc, ! one of us is not allowed to get ahead !
    Do you have bbc-america ?? if so look out for Gavin & Stacey brilliant comedy series !! it may be on I don’t know??
    all the best Gareth

  2. I’ve never seen heroes, but a friend swears I look like a red-headed version of one of the characters.

    I’ll definitely have to check out that show and see if we have it here. Or if we can get it on Netflix or online!

  3. Gavin & stacey I believe is going to be re-made for america, like “the office” was, but catch the uk version, and yes the catch phrases are actually spoken in wales !

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