In my recent Ad-renaline post, I forgot to mention another overwhelmingly predominant ad this time of year.

Taxes, taxes, taxes
The average Joe’s fiscal year is up and it’s time to account to the government.  But the average Joe needs help with his taxes.  Enter the tax prep ads galore!  Even the federal government has ads for their e-filing service.  Everyone’s on the tax band wagon.  So, when I heard a rumor that this ad was floating around on the airwaves in my town, I was skeptical because I believe the company (and the ad) is based out of a much more ghetto-tastic town.  Until last night.


One Response

  1. i never get your videos, for some reason they are blank, must be our work! Boo !
    we have some ads via the government with a woman hiding in a cupboard…. Yep I know it doesn’t sound too exciting !! or want to make you fill in yer tax returns !!

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