Snowed in Hot Toddy

I love a good hot toddy.  I created this one a couple weeks ago, but it made a reappearance during the snowed-in experience.  The key is the caramel and the sugar rimmed mug!

Apple Cider Hot Toddy

Spiced Cider (I prefer Trader Joe’s)
Turbinado Sugar
Whiskey (preferably Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey!)

Heat the cider.

Rim a mug with caramel.

Dip the caramel rimmed mug in turbinado sugar.

Add a dollop of caramel to the bottom of the mug.

Pour the heated cider in the mug.

Top off with whiskey.  (I prefer Gentleman Jack, but I only had black label and was too snowed in to hit the liquor store.)

Enjoy! Rinse and repeat!

12 Responses

  1. sounds good, ! though the photo of the 2 glasses with caramel in the bottom looks like my eyes this morning, after a few pints of guinness last nite !!!

  2. Little did you know that you were the inspiration for my hot toddy yesterday 🙂
    I saw your post a couple of days ago, then when I ended up sick with a sore throat and major congestion, I came back to it. I didn’t have the caramel so I subbed honey and I also didn’t make it cute like yours- mine was all for medicinal purposes. But I did use the TJ’s spiced cider that I had on hand and some whiskey plus a squeeze of fresh lemon. And guess what- it worked!! I’m feeling so much better today. Long live the Hot Toddy!

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  5. MMMM..Sound great, could you e-mail me the recipe, I’ve gotta try this!

  6. I will definitely be making this over the weekend. We’ll just have to pretend we’re snowed in.

  7. At our restaurant, our house tea is a peach/mango blend. We warm it, add honey, simple syrup and Jack single barrel.

  8. I hope i dont seem to stupid here but what is Turbinado Sugar? The drink sounds fantastic so i want to try it out on all my friends and the next Packer party. We do shot for all scores. Yep We leave in WI…….LOL

  9. Arthur – Turbinado Sugar is just raw sugar. But you can use any kind of larger grain sugar, like rock sugar if you can find it. You can usually find it in grocery stores and in small brown packets at coffee shops.

  10. I live in Palm Springs/Palm Desert…so I can’t use the “snowed in” excuse. It did get down to nippy 65 the other day…and I saw snow on TV so I busted out the Hot Toddy Recipe!

  11. I love the Enjoy! Rinse and Repeat! part.

  12. […] of my most popular posts as well as one of my most requested cocktails.  The Hot Toddy. Fall is here, which means, cooler weather, fireplaces, and Hot Toddies!  And right now, it is […]

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