Last week’s snow, this week’s back

We had some serious snow last weekend.  (though it is nothing compared to what the East Coast is getting this weekend!)  But due to the rarity that is snowfall and our city’s complete lack of preparation and logic for such a thing, we were pretty much snowed in.  Seriously, people joke about the city shutting down schools if snow is even ‘mentioned’ in the forecast, but the city just cannot handle it if we actually do get snow.

After work on Friday, I let Diva Kitty venture for a moment (that’s as long as she could stand it) on to the back porch.  By late Friday night and early Saturday morning, you could no longer see the cute paw prints.

So, with snow on the ground, what does a mature thirtysomething and her friends do…go sledding of course!  Saturday we played in the snow for several hours and discovered the hills behind my house are perfect for it!

We met again on Sunday for more sledding.  On my first trip down the hill, I demonstrated a move worthy of the Winter X-Games.   Unable to stop the makeshift sled at the bottom of the hill, I hit a ditch, went airborne, and continued down the smaller hill.  All of that sounds cool and apparently it looked cool, but it did not feel cool.  I injured my back pretty badly from the impact with the ditch.  I turned down requests to go to the hospital for fear of having to sit for hours in uncomfortable waiting room chairs, and opted to go to the doctor the next day instead.  All is ok, my body did what it is supposed to do to protect vital parts like my spine and organs, but that also means my back muscles are in a total spasm.  It is getting better and I am very thankful that I am otherwise a very strong, healthy person, because it could have been much worse.  But to speed along recovery I made an appointment with my acupuncturist.  I want to be able to laugh, cough, sneeze, and hiccup without worrying that my kidneys might explode.  Nothing starts a giggle fit more than laughing that sounds like…”ha, ha, ha, Ouch!, ha, ha, ha, Ouch!”

4 Responses

  1. I never got the point of acupuncture………..
    Sorry I could not resist !!! It just reminds me of A bIll Engvall sketch about quiting smoking!!
    Glad to see you enkoyed the snow, and also that another country has the same prepard-fulness ( is that a word??) as Britain.!

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