Happy Cheap Heart Candy Day!

If you haven’t already gone to get the discount candy, you may be out of luck!  Don’t worry, the bunny holiday and all of its wonderful candy is on the way soon.

Oh…and…it snowed.  AGAIN!  This one I’m going to blame on Barbie, because she drove down from Canada for a few days and she probably brought some of that cold weather with her.  Ok, maybe not, but I do feel bad for her for two reasons: 1. She left the great white north in hopes of better, sunnier, and less snowier weather (yeah, no luck there sweet cheeks), and 2. Her bucket (how I lovingly refer to her vehicle) may have finally kicked the bucket, so to speak.  Good news is I will get to visit with Barbie!!

3 Responses

  1. Petrol stations generally do cheap flowers ??!! HA just kidding !
    We never go out on Valentines, call me a cheap skate, but I refuse to pay the meal prices !!
    You can keep the snow ! I have lost too many holday days ‘cos of the pesky white stuff, Hope Barbie gets a new car !

  2. So. Not. My. Fault.

    I’m as mad about this as anyone.

  3. It’s not Barbie’s fault!! But here’s hoping she takes the cold weather back with her up north! 🙂

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