Dining Out

In this day and age of people choosing to eat vegetarian or vegan for whatever reason*, I am sometimes genuinely surprised when I review restaurant menus.  There are still restaurants that do not carry at least one vegetarian menu item.  It’s not that hard, steam some vegetables, add some rice, done.  It may not be fancy, but it works.  I am also surprised when I find a restaurant that has salads on their menu, but every single salad is topped with meat.  Since when did a salad become a plate for meat, instead of a bowl of fresh vegetables?

Let me be clear, I am not talking about a BBQ joint or a steak house.  I fully expect “meat with a side of meat” at those places.  Heck, “meat” is in the name of the restaurant.  I’m talking about nice restaurants that the closest thing they have to vegetarian is a salmon dinner (um, yeah, that’s pescetarian) or a salad with bacon (not only is that not vegetarian, it’s not kosher or acceptable to many religions).  I’m not necessarily saying it is a bad thing, I’m just surprised that some restaurants that cater to a high-end, diverse crowd might not want to be a little more diverse in their menu as well.  I am personally fairly flexible and don’t mind asking for something different or sometimes eating around something I don’t like, but not everyone is as laid back or brave as I am and I sympathize with them.

* This post is not intended to be a slant for or against vegetarianism or veganism, nor does it intend to suggest that vegetarian, vegan, omnivore, pescetarian, carnivore, kosher, raw, gluten free, etc. lifestyles are healthier or better than any other.  Everyone chooses to eat how they prefer and the reasons behind it are not necessarily appropriate subject matter here, but I do encourage open-minded in-person discussions with people who are different from you.

2 Responses

  1. One of the best blogs you have written. You hit the nail on the head with a sledgehammer !
    I don’t eat meat or fish, because I just do not like the taste ( I know maybe slightly odd reason ) But when you go out in a group, and end up having to pick the ham out of a salad,which wasn’t advertised, IT IS WRONG, I will sometimes do it, BUT I shouldn’t have to .

    Not sure if you ever got The Royal Family comedy in America…. but the sketch when Anthony brings his girlfriend home for the first time, ( who is vegetarian, and his nanna says ” can she eat wafer thin ham ??” pure genius.

    Pescetarian, – that’s a vegeatarian that eats fish right ?? – Now I know ! don’t understand it, but glad to know it has a name !.
    Man my comment turned into a blog

  2. I am really a pescetarian I guess. I eat some fish occasionally and never turn down seafood, but for the most part I am vegetarian and prefer to eat vegetarian when I’m out. But I also avoid most meats because I just don’t like the taste either, pork being the biggest offender.

    You should try living in the South here. Everything is made with meat and especially bacon. Similar to your show you mentioned you hear from people…oh the beans are vegetarian because they’re vegetables….yet, there are huge pieces of bacon floating in them!

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