46 Day Challenge update

To keep myself honest and to set an example to anyone else attempting the 46 day challenge, here is a summary of the past 11 days.  (35 more to go!)

2/17 – Run 2 miles
2/18 – Walk 1.5 miles
2/19 – Run 2.1 miles
2/20 – Hooping workshop for 1 hour + Walk 1.5 miles
2/21 – Hoop-walk 6 miles
2/22 – Walk 4.5 miles
2/23 – Run 2 miles
2/24 – Walk 1 mile
2/25 – Run 2 miles
2/26 – Run 1.7 miles
2/27 – Hooping workshop for 1 hour

As you can see I am not necessarily “burning it out” every single day, but getting some kind of exercise is the name of the game.

I use Daily Burn as a way to keep track of my workouts online.  I’ve been using it for over a year and like it for keeping track of all kinds of workouts, determining calories burned, and finding new workouts.  I like that it is online (and free) and I can post my workout at any time from anywhere without having to carry a journal with me or “remember” my workout until I can log it later.  There are several different types of programs out there if you search online.


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