Sally’s Helpful Hints – beauty hints

Here’s the Beauty Hints edition of Sally’s Helpful Hints.  (I’ve got tons of these “hints” saved up…stay tuned…I just might decide to have a special surprise soon à la Helpful Hints!)

Nail Polish
Have you ever started to paint your nails and suddenly realized you don’t like the color or  you made a mistake?  Or you want to change to a lighter nail polish that doesn’t cover the original dark color, but don’t have any polish remover?  Just swipe a coat of the polish on top of the paint you want to remove, then quickly wipe it off with a cotton ball or cloth.  The wet paint interacts with the old paint below and they both wipe off cleanly.  This doesn’t necessarily work with any paint you got on skin, but it definitely works in a pinch for the nail!

Shaving Cream
I hate when I start to shave my legs and realize that I only had enough shaving cream left for only one leg!  But one thing I always have plenty of is: CONDITIONER!  Hair conditioner actually works wonders for shaving and many fancy bikini shaving creams are actually just regular hair conditioner.  It softens the hair follicle and makes a nice smooth surface for the razor to glide over.  It’s also great if you’re traveling and can’t find a travel-size shaving cream can!

Scuffs on heels
I hate when I scuff up and make long scratches on my black heels, especially on new shoes that are otherwise in great shape.  I especially hate when I discover said scuff just before I’m heading into a meeting or interview.  I just simply take a black SHARPIE and color in the scratch.  This also works if you have a brown sharpie on some wooden heels as well.  Unless someone is inspecting your heel closely (weird!) they will never notice!

Chapped Lips
This time of year especially, I’m constantly fighting flaky dead skin on my lips.  And putting lipstick on it just doesn’t help.  So when I brush my teeth at night, I also make sure I use my TOOTHBRUSH on my lips as well to help slough off the dead skin.  Then I liberally apply some chapstick to moisturize the fresh skin underneath.

Static Hair
Winter is a nightmare if you have long hair!  It’s also a nightmare for your cat, who becomes a walking ball of static shock.  I simply “pet” the cat with a DRYER SHEET to remove all the static electricity and to give her a pretty sheen to her coat.  Guess what, this works with your own hair as well!

Tired Puffy Eyes
Wake up after a late night or a little bit too much fun?  Is allergy season making your eyes feel miserable?  Brew a cup of tea.  Then cool the TEABAGS and place them on your eyes.  The natural chemicals in the the tea leaves actually reduce the puffiness and some of the dark circles!  I actually prefer black tea because some of the caffeine in the tea will actually help wake up your eyes, and the cup of tea probably will help you recover from last night as well!

3 Responses

  1. wouldnt the damp tea bags give you incrediblely brown panda eyes ? 😉

    those anti bacterial wipes for kitchen cleaning are good are white trainers too !

  2. Well, it might make your eyes a little brown, but you just wash your face right afterwards with some cool water and it’s fine.

  3. […] package includes:  Tennis balls , eye drops, Friction Aid stick, cinnamon, black and brown sharpie markers, meat tenderizer, Tide To-Go stick, baby powder, pantyhose, dryer sheets, […]

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