Four Seasons of Running

Ask any runner and they will tell you one of the best things about being a runner is experiencing the seasons and seasonal changes first-hand.  Runners also get to look around and enjoy mother nature much more than we normally do in our fast-paced, office-inhabiting, rush hour driving lives.   I personally love being a runner because I can take in the little things before anyone else.

You’re the first one to start getting a tan, even if it is a shorts- and socks-lined tan.  You break the first sweat.  And you start seeing all the spring baby animals as they grow up on your early morning runs to avoid the heat.

You’re the first one to notice the changing colors of the leaves on a daily basis.  You also get to see the first leaves as they fall.  Then you get to breathe in that wonderful crunchy leaf smell as you run over them.  You can finally come back from a long run without being completely drenched in sweat and fatigue, and feel like you could almost take in another run.

You’re the last one to bundle up, because you can still get away with less clothing on a run.  You feel the first crisp air that smells of snow.  You change your running time and get to experience another time of day and angle of the sun.  You’re also one of the few who really gets to get out and enjoy nature instead of being cooped up and bundled up inside.

My favorite, maybe because it’s taking over now.  You’re the very first to notice the buds on trees and the flowers as they start to poke through the ground.  You see the explosion of color that seems to happen over night, bringing the trees back to life.  You’re also the first to choke on the fresh mulch of the season, but it’s worth it for the visual delight that is a rainbow of flowers and their scent that eventually takes over.  And you can run virtually any time of day.  You also get to experience the occasional rainy day run that is a baptism of sorts.

I’m very thankful to be a runner and experience the little things in life, even if for only 20 minutes, that I would normally just allow to pass me by.


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