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We hooped 13.1
April 28, 2010

We did it!  I had no idea what to expect, but hooping a half marathon is unlike any other experience!  Even just to watch all of the pink hoops move along the course is quite a site.  We had so many runners and walkers who passed us going the other direction where the course looped around, who would literally stop with open mouths and stare in amazement, or who would take our pictures and cheer for us!

When we arrived at the start line, we found out they started the race 15 minutes early!  We had to quickly get our groups together (herding 70+ people and support crew!) and get to the last corral.  Mother Nature was threatening us with severe weather, so the race organizers got things off to an early start.  It was warm, but breezy and sunny as we started our journey.  We crossed the start line with everyone, hoops in the air.

The we continued along the course, bringing smiles and cheers along the way.  There were several bands along the course and each one remembered the group from last year and usually changed up the songs to include “hoopers.” (a la “Hey Hoopers, you’re so fine! You’re so fine, you blow my mind! Hey Hoopers!” – Mickey was jealous!)

But after we rounded mile 7, it was clear that Mother Nature was ready to make her debut.  It began to rain.  Then pour.  Then somewhere around mile 9, we found out that they were shutting down the course and picking people up off of the course.  We picked up the pace and hauled it, hoops and all, towards the finish line with the paddy wagon and ambulance following us for the next 3 miles.  Police urged us to seek shelter, but by mile 12 they realized we’d made it that far, we just had to keep going!

We crossed in the torrential rain, massive wind gusts, and soaking wet clothes and hoops, but we did it!  I’m so incredibly proud of each of my team members!  If anyone ever mentions I’m a hard core athlete for running long distances, I will correct them that hula hooping a half marathon in severe weather (enough to cause tornadoes nearby) is what makes me hard core.

(Photos courtesy of my amazing hooping teammates. Video to follow!)

Ready to Hoop the Distance
April 20, 2010

I’ve explained that I’m going to be hula hooping a half marathon before, and the time has come!  We have been training for almost 4 months and we’re ready.  This Saturday, 70+ women will be hoop-walking 13.1 miles with hot pink hula hoops!  We will actually pass the sign above twice.

While this is part of an actual marathon/half-marathon, our goal is to raise money to help give the gift of fitness and enjoyment of life to breast cancer survivors and raise awareness of breast cancer detection and recovery!  You can help support us here, or even better you can sponsor me specifically here. (*psst, I know it says a different name, but I promise you’ll be helping me and more specifically the breast cancer survivors)  And if you live in town, come down to the race course and cheer us on!!  We love it and will hoop just for you!

Friday’s Dino
April 16, 2010

Dinos are back!! Just like the last one, I found this dino while we were out on a hoop-walk training!

Both of the last 2 dinos I found are along the main course for the actual half marathon, so I’ll get to see my little buddies just before mile 2 and again just before mile 7.  They’ll keep me going!

eyes & ears
April 15, 2010

What I’m currently watching…

“My So Called Life”
Instantly transport me back to my Generation X teenage angst.  And I honestly don’t mean that in a bad way.  This is good nostalgia.  I was head-over-heels “in love” with this show and identified heavily with the characters and issues.  I was approximately the same age as the main character, Angela, and had nothing else to cling on to at that time.  Watching it now 16 years later, I could not fully grasp just how incredible the show was.  The writing, the acting, the cinematography….all excellent and beyond what you find in today’s shows, and it produced some great new actors that I still see in current films.  This show struck a nerve with teens and adults alike and remains just as relevant today.

“Weeds” (season 5)
I adore this show.  I joke that I want to become Nancy Botwin when I grow up.  Ok, maybe not just like her, but the show (and Nancy herself) has become more and more of a gruesome trainwreck that I cannot tear myself away.  I fuel my sick fascination with her disastrous life and escape reality an episode at a time.

I just started this show as well.  (Can you tell I don’t watch actual current television?)  I’m still trying to figure out what is going on, but it has definitely grabbed my attention and I want to know more.  Sexy spies, human robots, danger, seedy underworld, thwarted government officials, high tech interference with human minds…tell me more.

46 Day Challenge & Cheap Candy
April 5, 2010

My 46 Day Challenge has ended.  And just in time for one of my favorite three times of year, Cheap Candy Day.  The day after Easter all of the good candy goes on sale and there aren’t any more good candy holidays until Halloween.

My 46 Day Challenge actually became a 47 Day Challenge on accident, because I had my regular hoop walk training on Sunday, so I did not get to rest, but I plan to rest a good bit today.  Then back at it tomorrow!! (after ingesting vast quantities of sugar from sale candy!)  Here is how the rest of my challenge shaped up:

3/18 – Walk 1 mile
3/19 – Run 3.1 miles
3/20 – Hoop walk 9 miles
3/21 – Hooping 35 min.
3/22 – Walk 1 mile
3/23 – Walk 3.75 miles
3/24 – Elliptical 10 min.
3/25 – Elliptical 10 min.
3/26 – Run 2.4 miles
3/27 – Walk/Hike 2 hours
3/28 – Hoop walk 10 miles!
3/29 – Run 2.1 miles
3/30 – Yoga 1 hour
3/31 – Run 2.1 miles
4/1 – Walk 2 miles
4/2 – Run 2 miles
4/3 – Hooping 10 min.
4/4 – Hoop walk 8 miles

How did you do?

April Fool’s
April 1, 2010

No, I don’t have any grand prank to play on you.  And as far as I know, I don’t have any master plans up my sleeve for the rest of the day either.  (though that could change)  Just wanted to wish everyone a fun, happy April 1st!