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What I’m currently watching…

“My So Called Life”
Instantly transport me back to my Generation X teenage angst.  And I honestly don’t mean that in a bad way.  This is good nostalgia.  I was head-over-heels “in love” with this show and identified heavily with the characters and issues.  I was approximately the same age as the main character, Angela, and had nothing else to cling on to at that time.  Watching it now 16 years later, I could not fully grasp just how incredible the show was.  The writing, the acting, the cinematography….all excellent and beyond what you find in today’s shows, and it produced some great new actors that I still see in current films.  This show struck a nerve with teens and adults alike and remains just as relevant today.

“Weeds” (season 5)
I adore this show.  I joke that I want to become Nancy Botwin when I grow up.  Ok, maybe not just like her, but the show (and Nancy herself) has become more and more of a gruesome trainwreck that I cannot tear myself away.  I fuel my sick fascination with her disastrous life and escape reality an episode at a time.

I just started this show as well.  (Can you tell I don’t watch actual current television?)  I’m still trying to figure out what is going on, but it has definitely grabbed my attention and I want to know more.  Sexy spies, human robots, danger, seedy underworld, thwarted government officials, high tech interference with human minds…tell me more.

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  1. My so called life !! Ha I blogged yesterday, bout me listening to 30 Seconds to Mars, coincidence eh !
    I love Northern Exposure, could watch that for hours, and Frasier! There’s a newish brit comedy called “outnumbered” about disfuctional family life whaich is good…. Other tv is really American Idol ( sad I know ) and Heroes…. oh the football league highlights shows!
    all the best Gareth

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