Ready to Hoop the Distance

I’ve explained that I’m going to be hula hooping a half marathon before, and the time has come!  We have been training for almost 4 months and we’re ready.  This Saturday, 70+ women will be hoop-walking 13.1 miles with hot pink hula hoops!  We will actually pass the sign above twice.

While this is part of an actual marathon/half-marathon, our goal is to raise money to help give the gift of fitness and enjoyment of life to breast cancer survivors and raise awareness of breast cancer detection and recovery!  You can help support us here, or even better you can sponsor me specifically here. (*psst, I know it says a different name, but I promise you’ll be helping me and more specifically the breast cancer survivors)  And if you live in town, come down to the race course and cheer us on!!  We love it and will hoop just for you!

2 Responses

  1. So how did it go ? All good I hope

    regards Gareth

  2. It was amazing! One of the toughest athletic events I’ve ever done! I finally posted a wrap up above. We had tornado weather (literally) for the second half of the race, and were completely drenched.

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