Nashville Flood Lite

Things are still moving along with the flood.  Many of the flood waters have started receding, but that does not mean they have completely receded, it’s just not as bad as 2 days ago.  There is still a water restriction, water is still safe, but our reserves are depleting quickly.  And yes, it’s been very heartbreaking.  I am on the verge of sobbing with every photo and video of flooding in my hometown.

So, I thought I’d bring a little sunshine to those affected.  While this is still a very real and serious situation, we could all use a little laugh.  And honestly that’s something that my hometown is good at, irony, sarcasm, and laughter.  First, please read this essay by one of our biggest fans of our hometown hockey team, it is truly inspiring.

Here’s how we feel, this little guy really gets the point across.  (photo)

We’re finally getting some national media coverage…even if it’s just the fake news.  Many thanks to Jon Stewart! (video)

The mall that is flooded has an “Aquarium” restaurant.  The tanks broke and most of the salt-water fish died, but apparently the piranhas (yes, I said piranhas) are doing just fine and are swimming around the mall! (video)

During the flooding coverage last weekend, one of the local weathermen was sketching the storm’s path on the screen, and um…well, came up with a certain unintentionally funny anatomically correct joke.  Thanks to Jimmy Kimmel for taking it to another level.  (video)

And of course, I have to include a picture of the Giant Carp caught  in someone’s yard, not far from my house!  Here’s a  humorous take on Giant Carp Guy. The photo is for real, the comments however…

And please continue to visit Nashvillest for all information on Nashville Flood and how you can help save our city.

2 Responses

  1. Funny stuff…

  2. “carp Guy Says …. ” Hahaha very funny,
    Like the way the reporter says ” an interetsing thing…. 2 piranhas are swimming around the mall, and doing just fine !! ” Yeah they eating everything else !
    Hope things get back to normal-ish soon !!
    all the best Gareth

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