Sally’s Helpful Hints – Flood Edition

As you know, Sally’s city is under water.  What a great time to offer some helpful hints for those flooded!

Pumping Water
Need to pump water out of your house?  Can’t find any more sump pumps at hardware stores?  That’s ok, just go to the garden center and purchase a POND PUMP for less money!  Many thanks to my coworker who has a beautiful pond in her backyard for this suggestion!  A pond pump can pump 3,500 gallons/hour (that’s a lot of H2O!), can be submerged without electric shock, and is more readily available in a crisis like this!

Boy Scouts/Cub Scouts/Girl Scouts
Need help tearing down or restoring your flooded home?  Call upon your local scout troop!  They can help with painting, ripping out drywall, etc.  And the best part, they will probably get a badge or some other sort of recognition for helping!  Besides, the kids are out of school anyway, so might as well give them something worthwhile to do!

Our water supply is scarce, so we need to take NAVY SHOWERS. Navy shower is: Get in shower, turn on water just enough to get wet, turn off water, lather with soap, turn on water to rinse, turn off water.  Time and gallons saved!  Also, try to avoid shaving and washing hair, which takes a long time and lots of water!  You can also try using BABY WIPES to help clean up.  Skip a shower one day and use a baby wipe instead.  I’ve even heard of someone using it to help slick back their unwashed hair!

Can’t shave in a water restriction? Try WAXING! My favorite waxer is not only the best in town, and has the best rates in town, but she’s donating 10% of proceeds to flood relief for appointments booked in the next 2 weeks.  Men, you can also try waxing, or use an ELECTRIC SHAVER, or grow a “Flood Beard!”  Women, if you must shave, try using BABY OIL  instead, it moisturizes and prevents nicks.

Greasy Hair
Can’t wash your hair?  Can’t find a good dry shampoo?  Just sprinkle a tiny bit of BABY POWDER and rub it into your scalp and then brush out your hair.  It’s not a permanent fix, but it will soak up much of the oil and give your hair a little more life.  Just be careful, I really mean a tiny bit so you don’t get clumps or get weird white patches of hair.  Start with a little bit, brush it out, then repeat if you need more.  Also, my blogging sister at One Particular Kitchen, suggested adding a little bit of cocoa powder to it if you have dark hair.  Ooh bet that smells yummy!  And if you’re a guy…consider taking the clippers to your head for a nice clean “high and tight” look.  Normally I do not condone shaved heads and beards, but this is for my city and I’ll allow it!

Gallons of water are literally flushed away with toilet use.  I’m happy to see at least one restaurant in town brought in porta johns to help their customers conserve water.  I know it’s gross, but as the old saying goes: “If it’s yellow, let it mellow; if it’s brown, flush it down.”  Good advice.

Hand Washing
Remember the flu and H1N1 virus epidemic?  Remember all the hand washing and sanitizing we had to do?  You can help save water by using HAND SANITIZER instead of washing your hands every time.  I bought some for my office and hope that my coworkers will help me conserve water!

Dishes and Utensils
We’re still on a water restriction.  Use paper plates, plastic utensils, and use the same cup all day long.  While it usually may be wasteful to use disposable ware for everyday use, it’s much more wasteful to wash dishes!

Cooking and Food
Try cooking things that do not require the use of a pots and pans.  Make friends with your microwave and nuke something without dirtying dishes.  Cook a pizza in the oven.  Make a sandwich on a paper plate.  Eat raw veggies with dip or hummus.  (basically eat like me most of the time)  We are still allowed to use water to cook (i.e., cooking pasta and for sauces), but do it sparingly and remember that you should try to avoid washing dishes, so why should you get a pot dirty.  Try visiting one of our local restaurants, let them do the cooking, and keep the money locally!

What happens when you work out?  You sweat and get stinky? Then you need a shower.  Well, maybe just this once you can skip a couple workouts.   I am, I haven’t run since it started raining and haven’t been to the gym.  It’s my small sacrifice.  Really a week or so off will not kill you, besides your body needs recovery time just as much as it needs the work out!

Going out of town?  Take your dirty laundry with you!  Parents live out of town? Give them a visit and help them relive your college years and take your laundry home to mom.  (Just do it yourself this time.)  They won’t mind and you’ll save water!

Stay Tuned…I will continue to update this space with more Helpful Hints as I think of them and please feel free to add your own in the comments below!  And be an example to your coworkers, neighbors, and friends and follow your own tips and encourage them to do so as well!

As always, follow Nashvillest for all the latest information on the Nashville Flood!

One Response

  1. Buying clippers saved me a fortune ! though I couldn’t grow a beard.
    Like the idea about taking your washing home, many memories there, sharing a shower saves water also .
    all the best Gareth

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