Burger Debate

No, I did not debate the merits for or against hamburgers.  And no, I did not eat a hamburger.  But my friend Coco has been running this local “Burger Debate,” and I find it fascinating even if I don’t eat burgers.  So, recently she added the new local, (way) upscale joint Burger Up to her list for Burger Debate.  I have been wanting to try it for some time, because it is owned by the same people who run one of my favorite local coffee shops, and I’ve heard lots about the veggie burger.  It helps that I got a glimpse at the menu and it looked fantastic.  So, I added myself to her list and promised to help out with the Veggie Burger Debate end of the taste test!

That evening, I also had another foodie event at one of my favorite local Italian restaurants.  We had plenty of wine and some amazing food.  I was able to catch up with or meet some of my online foodie bloggers that I love!  Among the food that I loved was the flatbread pizza with portabellos, brie, and some kind of light mustard sauce, as well as a chick pea cake thing that was fantastic.  I wanted more, but I knew I had to save room for burgers.

By the time we arrived at Burger Up, I knew that unfortunately I wouldn’t have room to try the tasty appetizers, but I’ll come back and try them next time.  Everyone ordered and we were on our way.

I, of course, ordered the Marathon veggie burger that is made with quinoa and black beans.  (2 of a veggie’s favorite things)  It was a whole lotta burger!  I was completely stuffed by the time we left.  The bun was good, but it was pretty thick and took away from the burger.  The burger was incredible, don’t worry you won’t go home hungry it was very filling.  However, I wished it had more condiments on it.  It was an interesting touch that they put what seemed like sour cream on the bun, but there wasn’t enough.  Turns out it was a “cilantro lime creme fraiche,” but it didn’t taste like anything other than sour cream.  It was pretty dry and I’m somewhat of a mustard lover, so I could have used a little spicy mustard or some sort similar addition.  The fries were incredible and the ketchup that they bring is homemade, so very nice too, but not exceptionally different from other ketchups.  Then again I’m not much of a ketchup girl.

Beloved ordered the Woodstock burger and the onion ring tower.  The onion rings were really good.  He only let me try one bite, so you know they were good, no sharing.  He said the burger was pretty good.  Maybe in the top two or three he’s tried.  The sauce that comes with the onion rings was phenomenal.  Probably my favorite part.  I kept dipping my fries into it.  According to the menu it is a spicy lemon lime remoulade.  It is yummy, that’s what it is!!

However, after our dinner, I experienced a bit of indigestion the entire next day.  Apparently I wasn’t the only one.  At first I assumed it was from the double-duty foodie night.  But others from our group, friends who also dined there earlier that night, and other people I know who’ve eaten there before have experienced this.  It was nothing terribly uncomfortable, and certainly nothing that would prevent me from trying it a second time.  Speaking of, I would like to go back and try their portobello sandwich….and their fried shrooms…and….and….

I have heard that many diners experience very slow service.  We had exceptional service, especially since we had a large group.  That may have been the product of growing pains of a new business, that had been worked out by the time we arrived.  The only complaint I had was the noise level.  The layout of the restaurant is beautiful and I love the decor, but it does not do much for the acoustics.  But I have heard the owners are working on fixing that in the near future, so that’s a bonus!

8 Responses

  1. Great post! So glad that you came and tasted the veggie burger. Let’s do it again soon.
    BTW, your blog is pretty:) I am kind of jealous….

  2. Other people who’ve had the veggie burger? Or was the indigestion from the greasy side dishes, do you think? When I go, I’ll be sure to get some extra creme fraiche on the side.

  3. Thank you Courtenay! It’s just a simple WordPress theme, but I like the clean look.

    Lesley – It was other people who got all different kinds of burgers. I think it was more of an issue of the amount of food. It is really filling and you don’t realize you’ve eaten so much until later on. Next time I will eat half and save the rest for lunch the next day.

  4. When I went all I could eat was half my fries and half my burger…it is large. Of course, we also had an appetizer beforehand so that didn’t help.

  5. looks like one hell of a veggie burger, most of ones in the uk, are pretty crappy, flat excuses for food!! but that looks good!!
    Whats the thing on a the plate next to the burger, it looks like a spring onion, or a leek ??
    all the best Gareth

  6. Gareth it was really good! You would love it! That green thing is a pickle spear. I love pickles so I was excited they put one on the plate.

  7. Ha, looked at this again and realized that we had almost the exact same order–of course Chris got the Woodstock! The only difference is that I subbed in truffle fries. Yum.

    Oh, and we both cleaned our plates, no digestive issues. But, you know, we’re big folks!

  8. […] Beloved requested a ham and pineapple Hawaiian version.  And for the second one, I was inspired by the pizzas a few weeks ago at a foodie event, and made a special veggie version too. (NOTE: preliminary pictures below, may be updated with […]

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