Holiday Salad

Happy Fireworks Day!!

This is the easiest salad you’ll ever make for a party!! Got a last minute invite for a summer party and need to bring something?  This will solve your problem fast!  And everyone loves it!

Holiday Salad

At least 3 peppers of different colors  (the more the better!)
1 can of corn
1 can of kidney beans

Dice all peppers (I prefer green, orange, yellow, red, purple)
Drain can of corn, save juice.  Drain can of beans, save juice.
Add corn and and beans to peppers in a bowl.  Add some corn and bean “juice” to mixture. I prefer more bean juice to corn as it’s thicker and holds it together better.

Then tell everyone the “sauce” on the salad is a “special ingredient.”  They will ask, but they won’t believe there isn’t anything extra.   I learned this salad from one of my host families in Germany.  And I’ll admit these pictures are from my desk at work.  I literally made this salad about 1/2 hour before our office July 4th potluck party.  Perfect summer salad!


3 Responses

  1. impressed, now that looks like a nice salad… never seen a purple pepper before mind ?? Have a good holiday !

  2. Now, that is a great looking salad…..and healthy, also. I will be making this!! Thank you!!

  3. It’s actually really tasty! And super easy!

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