New way to hydrate

I have been a fan of nuun tablets since Barbie told me about them a couple years ago.  You just add them to your water, and it adds electrolytes (and other important good stuff athletes need) and a hint of flavor, but without any sugar!  It’s a great way to boost your hydration, and we all know I have a hard time keeping my hydration under control.  It’s a slippery slope and I’m usually on the wrong side of the slope.

So, I decided I’m cutting out all soda for a while.  That means, no carbonated drinks, no high fructose corn syrup.  But that generally means no caffeine for someone who doesn’t like coffee.  My second day in and I’m jonesing a little for some soda on top of not packing enough food for lunch…it’s a recipe for a bad headache by dinner time.  I needed to try to find some kind of caffeine fix.  I realized I had one of my favorite English Breakfast Teas in my desk, which is usually good for a caffeine/perk up.  But it’s a million degrees outside and I can’t bear to drink hot tea.  Nor do I think that particular tea poured over ice would be especially tasty without anything else to add to it, such as sugar or honey.  That’s when I discovered:

Instant Runner’s Caffeinated Hydration

1 bag of your favorite black, English Breakfast, or otherwise high octane tea
16-32oz bottle/glass of ice
1 nuun tablet of your favorite flavor

Brew the tea.  Feel free to steep a little longer to get more caffeine and flavor, plus it will be diluted in the end.  Pour over ice.  Add more water if necessary/desired.  Add nuun tablet (pushing to bottom under the ice).  Wait for tablet to “fizz out” and Enjoy!

This was surprisingly good and I instantly felt better.  Necessity is the mother of invention!

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  1. strangely though hot tea, on a hot day, does cool you down…i would n’t recommend running with a mug of hot tea though 😉

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