Take a walk on the West side

I used to live in West Nashville and only recently moved.  It has its own brand of weird, but it doesn’t flaunt its weirdness like the “other” side of town does.  I lived there for most of my life and still adore it.  After running a couple errands at lunch today, I was reminded three times today within about 10  minutes why I love the weirdness of West Nashville.

1. Hairstyles
Sitting at a traffic light, I couldn’t get my camera out fast enough to catch this beautiful updo.  Not only did this fine lady get her “hair did” in bright Oscar The Grouch green on the top, but she also included a lovely Cookie Monster shade of blue on the bottom.  You go girl!!

Click on the picture to zoom in on the woman walking just above the mirror.

2. Sketchy store
When I was little, this little market was pretty much where we went for everything.  Just a little neighborhood store.  Well, it changed ownership a few years ago and it is suspect at best now.  I stepped inside once only to find that there wasn’t really anything for sale, or at least nothing that I wanted or could legally buy.  The sign has been falling apart for years.  But apparently now they sell oral, but I don’t think I want to know what “Newpop” is.  Probably something equally as sketchy.

3. Crossing the street
In West Nashville, you cross the street whenever you like and wherever you like.  Unfortunately I didn’t catch this one on camera because A. I was trying not to hit him, and B. I was still in awe of the aforementioned hair-do.  This guy was crossing in the middle of a 5 lane busy road just a couple hundred feet shy of the actual crosswalk and intersection, walking with his push-mower.  No, there is no grass around, and he was walking from the side of the street with a drug store and an insurance company to the other side with 2 tire shops for cars.  Don’t mind me, I’m just taking my lawnmower for a stroll!

2 Responses

  1. I think I know where you’re talking about…but I’m towards Bellevue, so I guess I’m too far west for all that craziness. Pretty funny stuff though!

  2. Hey. I don’t live there and I’ve never seen this but I’m gonna comment anyway.

    Maybe I’ll win a cookie. 🙂

    No. . . seriously. . . I’ll cross West End if you have a cookie in your office.

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