Sally’s Peeves

I have several pet peeves, but I try not to let them get to me too much.  Some of my biggest peeves are grammar-related.  (Yes, I can tell if a comma or a period is italicized, so don’t try to fool me.)  But I also have a few pet peeves that are rules related.  I love to buck the trend, break the rules, and fight the man as much as the next guy, but there are some rules you just cannot argue with, particularly if they are in place by your employer and are for health reasons.

My employer instituted a smoke-free campus requirement a while ago.  This means you cannot smoke anywhere on campus other than designated areas.  I’m all for smokers being able to smoke and their right to smoke not being infringed upon.  While I detest the nasty habit, I understand that it is a habit that takes over the smoker and I do not fault the actual smoker.  However, if you work for my employer, you are required to read and acknowledge that you have read various policies every year, including the smoke-free requirement.  There is no excuse for not knowing the requirement.  Additionally, there are posted signs everywhere indicated it is a smoke-free campus.

However, inside the garage to my building I constantly find cigarette butts.  But the worst offenders are those couriers from my employer who stand outside their cars in our garage, within 20 feet of the “No Smoking” sign and smoke.  Maybe because we’re in a satellite location, they think the rules don’t apply.  But when I point out the rules, and the sign 20 feet away, please DO NOT give me a nasty look when I ask you to please stop smoking here and please do not break the rules.  Yes, you can choose to harm your health, but please do not subject the rest of us to it.  Clearly next to the sign prohibiting smoking is a massive intake vent that filters your smoke to the rest of us inside the building.

The smoker is not my pet peeve, it is the person who is irritated with me pointing out the violation.  My building and my garage is not your designated smoke break.  You’re a courier, please find another location off-campus to smoke to your heart’s (and lung’s) dis-content.  And please do not make me ask you more than once.


3 Responses

  1. Call their office and let them know their couriers are smoking on your smoke free campus. If somebody threatens the businesses pocketbook, they might come down on their employees about it.

  2. This is a courier of my own employer. This person is an employee. In fact, I have spoken to two different people who work for this department.

  3. Here in Britain , we have banned smoking in restaurants , pubs etc, and the difference IS ASTOUNDING !!but yes, some people do try and flout the rules…. our workplace allows smokers 2 5minute breaks a day to smoke, I asked whether I ( as a non-smoker ) I could also have the 2 breaks, and was told no, you drink tea& coffee, thats a break, and the smokers drink at the same time as smoke !!! WTF… I drink at my desk, and work, smokers do not smoke and work at the same time…. We get penalised for not smoking, crazy !
    ( I tried a bit harder with the grammar today…) i fink.

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