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What I’m currently reading…

Run To Overcome (by Meb Keflezighi)
I actually finished this book about a month ago, but it was so good, I have to share it here.  Meb is one of my favorite marathoners.   He has an amazing story, from fleeing war-torn Eritrea to becoming one of the first US runners to win the New  York Marathon in years.  He has incredible faith and amazing talent.  But his life hasn’t always been easy and his courage and determination to stay positive always help him through.  It’s also an amazing insight into the world of professional runners.  I had no idea just what is involved in a sparsely publicized sport at the professional level.  Any runner, no matter how recreational, will be inspired after reading this story.

What I’m currently watching…

Bitchin’ Kitchen
I discovered this show when I was visiting friends in Boston earlier this month.  Now this is my type of cooking show!  Meet Nadia G, a pinup looking doll with an attitude (and accent) to match.  Don’t let the ridiculous hot pink and animal print kitchen fool you, she’s comes from a long line of authentic Italian cooks.  Not only are her recipes doable by most any cook, they look fantastic.  I wish my TV has smell-o-vision and takeout!  Each show has a specific theme that will take you through an entire meal, but not just any theme like Italian or vegetarian….think break-up meals, meeting the in-laws, and hangover food!  And don’t miss her cast of hilarious characters, Hans the oily bohunk, Panos the greek fishmonger, and the spice agent, who give really helpful tips.  Well, ok, not Hans, but he’s hilarious anyway.  I love me some Nadia G, bitches!

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