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Morning Mystery
January 12, 2011

It is very cold and dark when I leave for work at a very early hour in the morning.  Lately it’s been even colder with snow flurries, but that’s not what was so unusual this particular morning.  I left my house, locked the door, trudged down the snow covered steps trying not to bust my ass in my work clothes, remotely unlocked my car, and then stopped in amazement.

All four windows of my car are almost completely rolled down within a couple inches of the bottom.  What the hell?!  Of course it is snowing, so snow is blowing into my car.  No really, what the hell?!  I have tried to rack my brain and come up with several scenarios, but none really explain it.

1.  It’s not like it’s summer and I would have “left” my windows down from my leisurely drive home from work the night before.

2.  Maybe someone broke into my car and had a key and rolled down the automatic windows.  But nothing was stolen or even moved from my car.  And if they had the key, why not just steal the damn car.

3.  Maybe I accidentally pushed on the window buttons last night when I was putting my cover on my windshield last night.  I did have the driver’s door open so I could reach up and get the cover in place, and the car was on so I could do one last swipe of the windshield wipers to remove any snow that was falling.  But, to roll all the windows down that far, I would have had to hold down all the buttons.  But the driver’s side window is automatic; hold it down for longer than 2 seconds and it rolls all the way down, not within a couple inches like this.  Plus, I have to shut a strap for the cover into the door when I close and lock the car. I would have noticed that the windows were down.

4.  Did I sleep walk?  Maybe, but I probably would have busted my butt getting down the snow covered steps.  And I don’t think I’ve ever left the house before.

5.  Was it SO cold that I had a short in my automatic windows and they rolled down on their own?  But I was able to roll them back up without any trouble once I started the car.  Besides when it’s cold, you usually have the opposite problem, you can’t get the windows to roll down.

6.  Maybe someone I know is playing a prank on me, because this is a good one.  But no one I know has a key to my car.  A couple people have keys to my house, but c’mon that’s stretching it that I wouldn’t have heard them come in, right?  Plus, they have better things to do than roam around in sub-freezing weather and partly roll down my windows.

No really….What. The. Hell?!


I have solved the mystery with the help of  One Particular Kitchen on Twitter.  Apparently the key fob to my Honda Accord has a nifty feature.  Click the unlock button on the key fob and hold it down, the windows will roll down until you let go of the button.  I used to have an old Volkswagen and I always knew you could roll the windows up or down by turning the key in the door and holding it , but I tried that with the key in the door to the Honda once and assumed it was just a VW thing when it didn’t work.  Apparently not, just hold down the key fob.  So, in the future I need to be a lot more careful when walking away from my car with my hands full, like I did last night when I got home.  It’s honestly amazing this hasn’t happened before now!  Thank goodness this during wasn’t one of Nashville’s overnight torrential downpours!

Helpful Hints
January 11, 2011

Here are a couple helpful hints to tide you over during the blahs of winter.

Dry Scalp and Skin
Dry patches on your scalp and skin are no fun.  Honestly the best thing is OLIVE OIL.  Massage a little bit into the dry area before you go to bed.  Sleep with an old towel on your pillow if you like.  And dream of Italian food all night. Shower in the morning to remove some of the oil from your hair and repeat periodically over time as needed.  Start with one treatment and see how that goes after a week  before doing another treatment, and maybe try it on a day when you don’t have anything the next day or two.  Olive oil is one of the best things for many skin ailments too.  Dry itchy skin is easily treated with olive oil as well.

Love mimosas but terrified of champagne bottles?  Here is a professional, quick, no-fail way to open those bottles without putting out an eye and keeping the popping noise to a minimum!
1. Place a kitchen towel over the top of the bottle (cork and cage and all).
2. Grip the neck of the bottle with your thumb over the top.
3. Reach under the towel and pull down the piece of the wire cage that is twisted.
4. Without looking twist the wire counter-clockwise 6 times and stop. No really, it’s always 6!
5. While keeping your thumb on the top begin to twist the bottle. Keep twisting slowly. Eventually the cork comes right out, in the cage and muffled by the towel.  Always keep the bottle pointed away from people and animals, but you are less likely to put out an eye this way.

Website addresses
While you’re cooped up inside during the winter, maybe you want to look up when a movie is playing, or check your friend’s blog.  Here’s a shortcut to typing web addresses.  You don’t have to type the “www.” or the “.com,” “.org,” or “.net” to get to the site.  Just type in the middle portion of the site, such as google.  Then type the following for the desired result (your browser will fill in the rest):

In addition to other headache remedies I have posted, there is another way to stop a small oncoming headache.  If you feel a headache start coming on and you don’t have access to anything such as a sports drink, or headache medicine because you’re trapped in a meeting or something, try squeezing the fleshy part of your hand between your thumb and your forefinger until it subsides.  It won’t cure all headaches, but will help out in a “pinch.”  (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Glasstop Stove
I discovered this one yesterday.  During an overzealous hot toddy experiment this weekend, the pot boiled over and sugary cider got on my beautiful black glasstop stove.  I tried to wipe up most of it, but some was still burned on.  First, do not use that burner again until you have cleaned it all off, or you’ll just burn it on further and it may never come off.  Make sure you take a wet sponge or towel and try to wipe up the spill while it is still hot immediately after the spill.  Then after it’s cooled and there is still a stain, take some white VINEGAR and a MAGIC ERASER SPONGE and soak the stain and start putting in some good elbow grease into it.  Scrub in small circles (making sure you’re not scratching your surface) and keep at it. It took me a really long time (and some sore shoulders), but I finally got out the stains.  After you’ve gotten the majority of the heavy stain, use some WINDOW cleaner with the sponge or a paper towel.  You will eventually clean it all off.  Just be patient, it takes time and a lot of effort, but it will come clean!