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One dead on, Two dead wrong
February 11, 2011

After my last post, I used my Groupon to buy some nice things for myself.  I needed a new calendar for my drab janitor closet office, and I usually wait until after the new year to get them on sale.  I also found a couple DVDs I wanted.  I made my order and patiently waited all week for them to arrive.  But the last laugh was on me.

First I ordered 2 DVDs.  I ordered Shaun of the Dead, because it’s a hilarious cult zombie classic!  (Little trivia about Sally, she loves zombie movies, the campier the better!)  I also ordered Run Fat Boy Run, because it’s actually a very inspiring movie (yes it involves running) and a cute love story, with typical Simon Pegg humor thrown in for good measure.  Great movies for the collection.  However, this is what I got instead…


I felt like the shipping facility was judging me.  Hey I run several days a week and work out pretty regularly thank you!

But I also ordered my new calendar.  And the correct calendar arrived.  So maybe they were actually in on my little joke and making a hat tip to my calendar choice by sending DVD substitutes.

See, it was dead on!


eyes & ears
February 4, 2011

What I’m currently watching…

I have this incredible knack for discovering fantastic shows after they have been canceled by their networks, usually after only 2 seasons.  I have just wrapped up watching a couple of those all around the same time.  You can see two other similarly short-lived shows I’ve reviewed here and here.

Pushing Daisies
What a brilliant show.  I love the look of the show, everything is in such bright colors, and has the look of a fairytale land, or at the very least taking place within a diorama.  And there is a narrator, so it almost feels like you’re watching a Grimm’s fairytale, you know the kind that was originally written for adults.  Meet Ned, a guy who has this bizarre gift for bringing things back to life by a single touch, but a second touch returns to them to their deceased state.  There are other repercussions, but he brings back to the life the long lost love of his life, but now he can never touch her.  Enter a hilarious cast of characters, including Kristen Chenowith and Swoozie Kurtz, and you have bizarre hijinks.  My only lingering questions are how old is Digby (doesn’t old age eventually catch up with the alive-again), and how Chuck’s “aunts” have the same last name has her (you’ll understand what I mean when you see this).

I’ve never really been into sci-fi type tv shows, but this one is great!  I think I like the more spy-like attitude to it, as well as the conspiracy angle.  Imagine hot guys and hot chicks who can be programmed to do whatever you want them to do, good or bad, without consequence.  But of course, as with any time you try to use science to alter nature, things can go very very wrong.  If you’re a fan of Joss Whedon shows (and this is the only one I’ve ever seen), I’m told you’ll love this one too.

I first started watching this show several years ago when it first was on TV.  But something came up and I don’t think I ever finished the first season.  I recently picked it up again, starting from the beginning because it’s a very complicated show.  It is fantastic.  Very dark and mysterious.  It will keep you questioning the role of good and evil until the very end.   If you thought life as a carnie or life during the dustbowl was something strange, you have no idea until you see them combined!  I have such a deep fascination with the bizarre and unusual, which is what made this show such a weird and wonderful experience.

What I’m currently reading…

A lot actually!
I know I’m not much of a reader.  And that, my friends, is exactly why 3 years of law school was a phenomenally bad idea.  Seriously, if a magazine or newspaper article goes beyond a page or two, I lose interest.  But last May, I went to the beach, and I had stopped by my favorite local used bookstore and picked up a couple books to read at the beach.  I figured if they only cost a dollar and I got sand on them and lost interest after the first wave crashed on the shore, it was no big deal.  But I finished the first book in about 4 days!  Since then I have read about 1 book per month, quite a feat for me, even if they’re just short paperbacks.  I have bought most of the books in the series from the used bookstore and find the rest on Amazon or various larger chain stores.* So without further ado, here are the books I have read since May (note, I do not have one of those weird obsessions with vampires, etc, this particular writer is hilarious, and I’m sure any of her series of books are just as funny, but I just happened to pick up the first one thinking it was chick-lit and have stuck with it, also I’ve never considered myself the series-reading type of girl, but hey why not if it’s easy mindless reading):

Undead and Unwed (by MaryJanice Davidson) (May 2010)
Undead and Unemployed (by MaryJanice Davidson) (June 2010)
Undead and Unappreciated (by MaryJanice Davidson) (July 2010)
Undead and Unreturnable (by MaryJanice Davidson) (August 2010)
Undead and Unpopular (by MaryJanice Davidson) (September 2010)
Undead and Uneasy (by MaryJanice Davidson) (October 2010)
Run to Overcome (by Meb Keflezighi) (November 2010) (See this post for my rundown on this amazing book!)
Undead and Unworthy (by MaryJanice Davidson) (December 2010)
Undead and Unwelcome (by MaryJanice Davidson) (January 2010)
Dead and Loving It (by MaryJanice Davidson) (January 2010)

There is one book in there that is completely different and I highly recommend it for any runners!  And the last book is a collection of novellas by the series author. I’m already stocked up with 3 more books so I don’t fall behind!

* FYI, today’s Groupon is for a bookstore, and get your read on too! Or get a DVD and a calendar, that’s actually what I plan to use mine for.  Check it out!