One dead on, Two dead wrong

After my last post, I used my Groupon to buy some nice things for myself.  I needed a new calendar for my drab janitor closet office, and I usually wait until after the new year to get them on sale.  I also found a couple DVDs I wanted.  I made my order and patiently waited all week for them to arrive.  But the last laugh was on me.

First I ordered 2 DVDs.  I ordered Shaun of the Dead, because it’s a hilarious cult zombie classic!  (Little trivia about Sally, she loves zombie movies, the campier the better!)  I also ordered Run Fat Boy Run, because it’s actually a very inspiring movie (yes it involves running) and a cute love story, with typical Simon Pegg humor thrown in for good measure.  Great movies for the collection.  However, this is what I got instead…


I felt like the shipping facility was judging me.  Hey I run several days a week and work out pretty regularly thank you!

But I also ordered my new calendar.  And the correct calendar arrived.  So maybe they were actually in on my little joke and making a hat tip to my calendar choice by sending DVD substitutes.

See, it was dead on!


5 Responses

  1. I’m not sure the correct calendar makes up for those DVDs.

  2. Haha! In all fairness, I called them and they are express shipping me the correct DVDs and also sending me a return mailer for the wrong DVDs. The customer service makes up for it for sure!

  3. Yep the dvd’s were not even close…. funny that I saw Shaun of the dead the other night !! Have you seen Hot Fuzz by Simon Pegg, just as good….

  4. I have a Dave Lebovitz book for you! Send me your address when you get a chance? 🙂

  5. love those films, enjoy!!

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