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Challenging myself
March 29, 2011

Inspired by my own 46 Day Challenge, I’ve decided to finally mark something off of my bucket list.  For a couple years now, I have been enamored with the idea of completing a triathlon.  I know I have the running part down.  I’ve been riding a bike for a couple decades now.  And I’ve been swimming even longer.  I’ve toyed with the idea of training for and completing a RunBikeSwim*, but I usually fall back on the excuse of the time of training for 3 sports instead of 1, or the sheer cost of equipment once you start adding in the bike, etc.

Well, no more.  I have officially signed up for my first triathlon.  Granted, I chose a tri that I could feasibly complete today if I needed to, but we all have to start somewhere.  I can start small and if I like it, then I can invest more time and money into it.  I’m very excited about this particular triathlon too.  It’s small, manageable, and all women.  No need to compete with machismo or testosterone fueled sprints.  My new goals now are to get in a few swims before May, maybe get a newer bike that’s more suited for road races, and possibly get some tri gear (like those fancy padded pants).

Stay tuned for more bike rides and swimming to be added to my daily exercise.  Here’s the past week and a half.  How has your daily exercise been going?

3/17 Walk 1.5 miles
3/18 Run 4.25 miles
3/19 Bike 7.75 miles
3/20 Run 6 miles
3/21 Hula Hooping 25 minutes
3/22 Run 7.4 miles
3/23 Run 2.5 miles
3/24 Walk 1 mile
3/25 Run 2.5 miles
3/26 Bike 7 miles
3/27 Hula Hooping 20 minutes
3/28 Run 3 miles

* Why do they call it RunBikeSwim, when generally they are Swim-Bike-Run?  To me, it just seems to make more sense to run, then bike, then swim.  Especially when it’s so incredibly hot during triathlon season.  Plus you don’t get that weird bricking thing when going from bike to running.  Guess I need to research it more.

Tall, dark, and handsome
March 24, 2011

I have decided it is time for me to come clean about a little secret I’ve been keeping.  Every time I think about outing my news, I can’t help but think of this particular episode of Sex & the City (season 6).  “Ladies.  I’m taking a lover.  Yes.  A Lovah.”

I am having a torrid love affair.  But not just any old affair.  I am madly in love with a drink.  The Ginger Latte (with soy of course) from one of my favorite local coffee shops.

What you must understand is that for thirtysomething years I just have not been a coffee girl.  I just didn’t like it.  Too bitter, and something about the caffeine in it gives my body some serious side effects that other caffeine sources just didn’t cause.  So, I avoided it for the most part and stuck to basic tea (oh how I love tea!) and chai and hot chocolate.  But recently, I have been able to tolerate some coffee.  Mind you it’s more of the Brazilian coffee I brew in my French Press, and I still can’t stand the mass-market office coffee or anything from the particular starry-eyed, mega-bucks chain coffee shop that’s on every corner.  But now I’m having less of the bizarre effects from the coffee, though if I have too much I talk about 100 mph (compared to my usual 80 mph), but I don’t have the painful coming down from the coffee high that I used to.

So, when I saw the Ginger Latte on the special board at dose, and given my love of all things ginger, I decided to try it one day, instead of my usual apple cider (by the way they have the best hot cider).  It is amazing.  It tastes just like a ginger snap.   And I’m not talking the soft, chewy, sickeningly sweet kind either.  I’m talking about the kind that put the “snap” in ginger snap.  It’s got a little bit of bite and as you sip it, you can almost feel your front teeth threatening to chip just as they do when you bite into those old fashioned cookies.  Every single sip is exactly as delicious as the first.  I believe they make their own ginger syrup that gives it the wonderful flavor (on top of the delicious gourmet and local coffee that they brew).  If I could get my hands on some of that syrup…  But for now, I will continue unabashedly with my torrid love affair.  Walking the half mile from my office in 70 degree weather for a hot cup of my tall, dark, and handsome lovah.

Challenge week 1
March 16, 2011

It’s the first week of the 46 Day Challenge, and that exactly what it’s been.  A Challenge.  See, this past week or so has been very busy for me.  At work, personal, business, social, everything.  So finding time to get in some exercise has been tough.

But that’s the thing about the 46 Day Challenge.  It’s not about finding time.  It’s about making time.

You don’t find time for important things in life, you make time for them.  So, it takes a little forethought about how your day is going to go.  You know you have something in the evening, then you make time in the morning or at lunch to go for a walk.  Your morning is jam packed with meetings, then reserve a little time after work to blow off steam before dinner.  You have no idea how your day is going to go, then you better get moving early in the day to avoid any surprise pit falls later in the day.

So here’s how I’ve been doing.  How about you?

3/9 – Walk 1/2 mile
3/10 – Walk 1/2 mile
3/11 – Run 2.5 miles
3/12 – Run 4 miles
3/13 – Ziplining 2 hours
3/14 – Run 2.1 miles
3/15 – Walk 2.5 miles
3/16 – Run 3 miles

Rawr, they’re back!
March 15, 2011

Bet you thought I forgot about them.  Or maybe I stopped looking.  Or *gasp* even worse…extinction?!  Nope, none of those.  It’s just become even harder to search for Dinos.  First, I moved away from the neighborhood where they’re most commonly found, although I do still work nearby and run around the neighborhood at lunchtime.  But the Dinos’ creator has also moved and is not in town as often to leave me more goodies to find. (Yes, I like to pretend do think they’re just for me.)  So they’re harder to come by.

But recently, I came skipping out of the bathroom at my favorite local dive bar, rushing to get my phone to take a picture.

Yes, let me recap.

1. That is a Dino! (yay)
2. It is in a local dive bar (the dive bar to end all dive bars if you ask me).
3. It is in the WOMEN’s restroom!
4. Dino is giving a shout-out to the ladies!

Le sigh!  My love for Dinos has been restored all over again!

46 Day Challenge 2011
March 10, 2011

Yes, that’s right.  My 46 Day Challenge is back!  If you’re either new to the blog or have just forgotten about it, check out last year’s 46 Day Challenge.  Between Fat Tuesday and Easter, I make it a challenge to myself to exercise at least a little bit every day.  For many people, this time of year might mean giving up something.  I’m not particularly religious, but find this a good timeframe to maybe add something extra to my life.  It’s also an excellent timeframe (a month and a half) in which to form a new, healthy habit.  Not to mention, this is also just after most of the New Year’s Resolutioners (also something I don’t participate in) have petered off in the gyms.  And it’s also just after the worst of winter’s blast that might keep you from going outdoors to exercise.

I was pleasantly surprised to see my friend at Cook, Pray, Love has also chosen this time of fasting to turn it around for good as well, and not just a “40 day diet” or a “New Years Resolution Take 2.”  So, she (along with a comment from Barbie) has reminded me that I should make this my 3rd annual (2nd annual on the blog) 46 Day Challenge.

And it couldn’t come at a better time.  This is an extremely busy week for me.  I have actually been exceptionally good about my running and workout routine throughout the entire winter.  I’m way ahead on my mileage so far this year than I have been in the past.  But life sometimes gets in the way, which is what this 46 Day Challenge is supposed to teach you; that no matter what you can always make time for at least one healthy habit and get your body moving.  So, whether it’s running 10 miles or walking a half mile or 90 minutes of Hot Yoga, or gentle stretching for 20 minutes during your favorite sitcom, it counts.  And you can do it too!  Are you going to join me?  I will document my progress here to keep myself honest.  And don’t worry if you didn’t start yesterday, the 46 Day Challenge can be done at any time you want to form a new healthy habit!