Rawr, they’re back!

Bet you thought I forgot about them.  Or maybe I stopped looking.  Or *gasp* even worse…extinction?!  Nope, none of those.  It’s just become even harder to search for Dinos.  First, I moved away from the neighborhood where they’re most commonly found, although I do still work nearby and run around the neighborhood at lunchtime.  But the Dinos’ creator has also moved and is not in town as often to leave me more goodies to find. (Yes, I like to pretend do think they’re just for me.)  So they’re harder to come by.

But recently, I came skipping out of the bathroom at my favorite local dive bar, rushing to get my phone to take a picture.

Yes, let me recap.

1. That is a Dino! (yay)
2. It is in a local dive bar (the dive bar to end all dive bars if you ask me).
3. It is in the WOMEN’s restroom!
4. Dino is giving a shout-out to the ladies!

Le sigh!  My love for Dinos has been restored all over again!

One Response

  1. Eeee! I love the dinos too.

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