Tall, dark, and handsome

I have decided it is time for me to come clean about a little secret I’ve been keeping.  Every time I think about outing my news, I can’t help but think of this particular episode of Sex & the City (season 6).  “Ladies.  I’m taking a lover.  Yes.  A Lovah.”

I am having a torrid love affair.  But not just any old affair.  I am madly in love with a drink.  The Ginger Latte (with soy of course) from one of my favorite local coffee shops.

What you must understand is that for thirtysomething years I just have not been a coffee girl.  I just didn’t like it.  Too bitter, and something about the caffeine in it gives my body some serious side effects that other caffeine sources just didn’t cause.  So, I avoided it for the most part and stuck to basic tea (oh how I love tea!) and chai and hot chocolate.  But recently, I have been able to tolerate some coffee.  Mind you it’s more of the Brazilian coffee I brew in my French Press, and I still can’t stand the mass-market office coffee or anything from the particular starry-eyed, mega-bucks chain coffee shop that’s on every corner.  But now I’m having less of the bizarre effects from the coffee, though if I have too much I talk about 100 mph (compared to my usual 80 mph), but I don’t have the painful coming down from the coffee high that I used to.

So, when I saw the Ginger Latte on the special board at dose, and given my love of all things ginger, I decided to try it one day, instead of my usual apple cider (by the way they have the best hot cider).  It is amazing.  It tastes just like a ginger snap.   And I’m not talking the soft, chewy, sickeningly sweet kind either.  I’m talking about the kind that put the “snap” in ginger snap.  It’s got a little bit of bite and as you sip it, you can almost feel your front teeth threatening to chip just as they do when you bite into those old fashioned cookies.  Every single sip is exactly as delicious as the first.  I believe they make their own ginger syrup that gives it the wonderful flavor (on top of the delicious gourmet and local coffee that they brew).  If I could get my hands on some of that syrup…  But for now, I will continue unabashedly with my torrid love affair.  Walking the half mile from my office in 70 degree weather for a hot cup of my tall, dark, and handsome lovah.

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  1. I’ve only relatively recently become a coffee person too (thanks last year of grad school!) though I still can’t tolerate that burnt taste of a lot of church/office coffee. I pretty much have to make it myself, though I also like the coffee at Bruegger’s. Love the ginger latte though!

  2. Yummm. Putting this on my list to try when my 40 days of horrible torturous only drinking water is up.

  3. I had one of these about six weeks ago there. It was good! I have my favorites elsewhere too but when/if I go back, this’ll be up there.

  4. Do they make a tea version of this? If not, they should. I’d be all over it.

  5. Lesley-I’m sure they could do that for you. They have tons of loose leaf teas and you can always add syrup (they have lots of flavors too) to drinks, so I don’t see why not.

  6. Man, THANK YOU & Kira for introducing me to this latte! I probably would have discovered it at some point on my own, but since I’m no longer a West End resident, I don’t make it to Dose nearly as often as I’d like. The moment I saw “ginger latte” on my twitter feed, I knew I had to skedaddle over there! As I’ve mentioned I MUCH prefer mine in cappuccino form, but even as a latte, it’s divine!

  7. You are more than welcome. I keep saying I’m going to try it as a cappuccino, and one day I’ll remember. I get the soy milk for only a couple cents extra and I think that cuts out all the extra milk taste, etc.

  8. Ginger has become my obsession in recent years, so as soon as I saw you, Erin and Kira tweeting about this latte, I had to get over there to try it myself.

    Now I have also taken it as my lover 😉

    But like Erin, I get it as a cappucino (or as the guy at the counter told me, it’s actually not a cappucino, but a latte light on milk with extra foam)

  9. 1. You had me for a second there!
    2. I’ve never been to Dose! Must check it out!
    2. I heart ginger and lattes! Must try!

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