Challenging myself

Inspired by my own 46 Day Challenge, I’ve decided to finally mark something off of my bucket list.  For a couple years now, I have been enamored with the idea of completing a triathlon.  I know I have the running part down.  I’ve been riding a bike for a couple decades now.  And I’ve been swimming even longer.  I’ve toyed with the idea of training for and completing a RunBikeSwim*, but I usually fall back on the excuse of the time of training for 3 sports instead of 1, or the sheer cost of equipment once you start adding in the bike, etc.

Well, no more.  I have officially signed up for my first triathlon.  Granted, I chose a tri that I could feasibly complete today if I needed to, but we all have to start somewhere.  I can start small and if I like it, then I can invest more time and money into it.  I’m very excited about this particular triathlon too.  It’s small, manageable, and all women.  No need to compete with machismo or testosterone fueled sprints.  My new goals now are to get in a few swims before May, maybe get a newer bike that’s more suited for road races, and possibly get some tri gear (like those fancy padded pants).

Stay tuned for more bike rides and swimming to be added to my daily exercise.  Here’s the past week and a half.  How has your daily exercise been going?

3/17 Walk 1.5 miles
3/18 Run 4.25 miles
3/19 Bike 7.75 miles
3/20 Run 6 miles
3/21 Hula Hooping 25 minutes
3/22 Run 7.4 miles
3/23 Run 2.5 miles
3/24 Walk 1 mile
3/25 Run 2.5 miles
3/26 Bike 7 miles
3/27 Hula Hooping 20 minutes
3/28 Run 3 miles

* Why do they call it RunBikeSwim, when generally they are Swim-Bike-Run?  To me, it just seems to make more sense to run, then bike, then swim.  Especially when it’s so incredibly hot during triathlon season.  Plus you don’t get that weird bricking thing when going from bike to running.  Guess I need to research it more.

4 Responses

  1. Ahh! That’s awesome! I was researching triathlons yesterday just for the fun of it. I’m definitely intimidated by the gear part of it. Good luck!

  2. My theory has been if I get tired of running or riding I can stop and sleep. If I get tired of swimming in the middle of the lake…

    Good luck, ACME multisports in Goodlettsville has free swims in the mornings some days (call, they’re friendly). My first time the swim about killed me, I never got my breathing rhythm down.

  3. Yeah, but you can always pause when you get to the other side of the pool. No shame in people passing you. Yeah, I need to get in a few swims beforehand, but I think it’s doable since it’s so short.

  4. […] Well, I made it through this year’s 46 Day Challenge.  There’s a reason it is called a challenge.  It’s a challenge to keep up with the exercise on a daily basis, even when you’re sick, busy, or out of town.  It’s a challenge to “make” time rather than “find” time.  You challenge yourself to new physical and mental limits.  Or you just challenge yourself to try something crazy, like a triathlon. […]

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