Tri update

In my last post, I revealed that I was biting the bullet and taking on a bucket list item.  So, in my quest to become a triathlete, I have jumped in and made several steps towards the big (ok, it’s really a very small one) race and learned several things along the way. I still have a little bit left to do in the next month, so I’m calling it the good, the soon-t0-be-good (because I don’t want to jinx it with the b word), and the ugly.

Completed (the “good”):
1.  Gotten access to a lap pool for training swims.
2.  Purchased new swimsuit (because I couldn’t find my old one) and new goggles and swim cap.
3.  Go for a couple training lap swims.
4.  Found and purchased a road bike.
5.  Purchased many biking accoutrements (gloves, extra tube for tire, other repair kit items, bike shorts).
6.  Start riding said road bike to get used to it before the race.
7.  Purchase a handy book with more info about triathlons (specifically geared to women) to calm my nerves.
8.  Take a basic bike maintenance class, so I can take care of my bike and not freak out if I get a flat tire.

To do (the “soon-to-be-good”):
1.  Get used to swimming with contacts and goggles.
2.  Do a full run through, transitioning between the sports, and for the full distance of each the swim, bike, and run.
3.  Buy tri-shorts for the race.

Learned (the “ugly”):
1.  I can still do my (whatever it’s called stroke) swim in the pool without getting water up my nose.  And can make a few laps across the pool without having to stop.  Not bad since I haven’t done laps since using it as a study break for the Bar Exam.
2.  I hate my new goggles. They won’t seal to my face.  I have tiny eye sockets apparently.  Pulled out my old goggles and they fit perfectly, even at 4 years old!  I think I remember I bought junior sized instead of full adult.  Good thing I didn’t spend much on the new ones.
3.  Road bikes are really expensive.  No.  REALLY fucking expensive!  Holy crap.  Thank goodness I found a good deal on a cheaper one at REI!  In fact, just biking in general is expensive.  Lots of gear and crap to keep up with.
4.  I am really short need a really tiny sized bike.  Most bike shops didn’t have something in my size.  And people just don’t sell used ones in my size regularly on Craigslist.  So I had to have REI assemble 2 different sizes (um, hello, the extra small fits now) until we got it right.  Short legs, short arms, short Sally!
5.  Starting your training on a mountain bike makes taking on hills with a road bike like riding an elevator!
6.  REI has excellent FREE classes!  The bike maintenance class I took was incredible, way more than I expected to learn.  And their bike shop and staff are super helpful too.  I just thought they were a camping type place.
7.  If you go for a morning swim before you have to be at work at 6:30am (i.e., swimming before 6am), bring lots of snacks.  By 9am that yogurt you ate for breakfast 2 hours ago is no longer helpful.  By your 11:30am lunch appointment, you will want to kill someone for food.

Also, just for funsies, I have signed up for a Duathlon and another Triathlon this summer!  Might as well get use out of ponying up all that money prepping for this race.


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