Almost there

I’m in the final stretch of the 46 Day Challenge.  I have to say there were difficult moments this year.  I became insanely busy for a week or two at the beginning.  Then I came down with one of the worst colds I’ve had in a very long time for nearly a week.  But I persevered, even if it meant going for a quick 5-10 minute walk.  I’m also in the last couple weeks before my first triathlon.  I went for a practice run of 2/3 of the tri yesterday and it went better than I expected.  I’m really enjoying all the cross-training with the 2 extra sports and it’s helped keep up with the Challenge as well.  Just have less than a week left in the Challenge.  Here are the past 3 weeks for me:

3/29 Walk 2.6 miles
3/30 Run 5.5 miles
3/31 Walk 1 mile
4/1 Walk 1.7 miles
4/2 Walk 0.25 miles plus some light bike riding
4/3 Walk 0.25 miles plus some heavy house cleaning
4/4 Foam Roller 20 min.
4/5 Walk 1 mile
4/6 Run 2.4 miles
4/7 Swim 300 meters, walk 1 mile
4/8 Bike 4.34 miles
4/9 Swim 300 meters
4/10 Bike 5.73 miles
4/11 Run 4.2 miles
4/12 Run 3 miles
4/13 Swim 300 meters
4/14 Bike 9.26 miles
4/15 Walk 1/2 mile
4/16 Swim 750 meters
4/17 Run 4 miles
4/18 Bike 8 miles + Run 2 miles


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