Final Challenge

Well, I made it through this year’s 46 Day Challenge.  There’s a reason it is called a challenge.  It’s a challenge to keep up with the exercise on a daily basis, even when you’re sick, busy, or out of town.  It’s a challenge to “make” time rather than “find” time.  You challenge yourself to new physical and mental limits.  Or you just challenge yourself to try something crazy, like a triathlon.

For the last weekend of the Challenge, I was out of town for the holiday.  While travel usually makes it difficult to exercise, I still found time to run on one day and because of where we went for vacation (more on that in an upcoming post, here’s a hint…the happiest place) there was a LOT of walking involved.  I mean a lot.  I almost regretted going for that run on Saturday morning.  I have some well-worn sneakers now!

Also, remember how I hooped the half marathon last year?  Well, I wasn’t able to participate in the training this year, but tomorrow is the half marathon.  I will be on bike support with the hoopers!  Getting in my biking training for the triathlon and supporting a great cause and group of women at the same time!

Here is my final progress.

3/29 Walk 2.6 miles
3/30 Run 5.5 miles
3/31 Walk 1 mile
4/1 Walk 1.7 miles
4/2 Walk 0.25 miles plus some light bike riding
4/3 Walk 0.25 miles plus some heavy house cleaning
4/4 Foam Roller 20 min
4/5 Walk 1 mile
4/6 Run 2.4 miles
4/7 Swim 300 meters, walk 1 mile
4/8 Bike 4.34 miles
4/9 Swim 300 meters
4/10 Bike 5.73 miles
4/11 Run 4.2 miles
4/12 Run 3 miles
4/13 Swim 300 meters
4/14 Bike 9.26 miles
4/15 Walk 1/2 mile
4/16 Swim 750 meters
4/17 Run 4 miles
4/18 Bike 8 miles + Run 2 miles (practicing the transition for the triathlon!)
4/19 Walk 1 mile
4/20 Walk 1 mile
4/21 Swim 400 meters
4/22 Walking minimum 2 miles
4/23 Run 2.4 miles, plus walking minimum 2 miles
4/24 Walking minimum 2 miles, hooping 10 minutes

So, how did you do?  What has been your biggest challenge?

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