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On Racing
August 26, 2011

I posted a tweet yesterday poking fun at my own hilarious pre-race routine.  So, with my final triathlon of the season tomorrow, here is how you can tell what stage I am in for a race.


  •  My workouts are cut back significantly.  The “Taper.”
  • I’m irritable because of the the “Taper.” (I feel like I should be doing something; not enough exercise makes me a little a crazy.)
  • My diet is even more healthy than usual and I’m very careful about what I put into my body.
  • No drinking. (alcohol that is)
  • Lots and lots and lots and lots of water! (hydration is important)
  • My laundry room has exploded and about 80-90% of it is spandex.
  • Haven’t shaved my legs in days.
  • Lots of pasta/carbs consumed.
  • Bedtime hours that are only shared with 7 year olds and 70 year olds.
Race Day
  •  Wake up call hours before the sun rises (and probably about the time my friends are going to bed)
  • Lots and lots and lots and lots of water, gatorade, nuun. (still no alcohol)
  • Bizarre morning ritual of breakfast and about 200 bathroom breaks.
  • Limited talking. (please don’t let the freaked out newbie stand next to me and chat about how nervous she is)
  • Shaved legs!
  • My body is coated in Body Glide and Hoo Ha Ride Glide.
  • My body is covered in at least 80% spandex.
  • Salt crystals from sweat.
  • Copious amounts of sport nutrition consumed. (Sport Beans, Cliff Shot Blocks, Luna Chews, Stinger waffles or chews, Gu Chomps, or whatever I happen to have on hand)
  • Ice bath, then hot shower to rinse off sweat and various other “glide” coatings.
  • Big fat nap!
  • Big fat banana consumed.
  • Eventually a beer or other celebratory drink.
  • A little stiffness.
  • New race shirt and possibly a new race medal adorning my badass post-race upper body.
  • Finally waking up my friends who slept through all of it.
  • Furiously researching my next race.
  • Most importantly an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment and pride that I’m a badass girl athlete!

August 3, 2011

I don’t normally do product or restaurant reviews.  But maybe I should.  And although I have several other posts in draft format waiting for final touches, I just had to share this one with you.  If you don’t live Nashville, disregard, but if you planning to visit, read on.  And then come visit.  We love tourists’ money vistors!

At the intersection of Italian restaurants from my past, I have discovered Vito’s.  After promising some of the guys at work that I would go to lunch with them (and drive us in my convertible), it took me a while to finally get around to scheduling it.  I had limited time for lunch so I asked them to pick somewhere quick.  They suggested Vito’s.  I had never heard of it (shocker I know!), but they said it was buffet (quick) and Italian (yum!).  So I pointed my car towards 19th Avenue and Hayes Street.

I quickly discovered that Vito’s is in the old DaVinci’s location.  Oh how I fondly remember eating pizza at DaVinci’s back in high school and college.  A Mona Lisa please. Or maybe a Bella Vita.  But DaVinci’s closed at the end of last year.  Sigh.  But I admit I haven’t been there in years.

After entering Vito’s, we were quickly seated and greeted by a waiter who took our drink and salad orders.  In addition to the buffet, you get either a field greens salad or a Caesar salad.  But this is no ordinary Caesar.  It has the standard romaine lettuce, shaved parmesan, dressing and croutons.  But it also comes with Kalamata olives (no pits yay!) and sun dried tomatoes.  But the kicker was dollops of goat cheese also spread throughout the salad!  Brilliant!  Oh the creamy surprises hiding underneath the crunchy lettuce.  That salad alone was worth the drive down there!  I can never have a Caesar anywhere else again!

The buffet was modest, but delicious.  There were various pizzas to choose slices of pepperoni, veggie, sausage, supreme.  There was some kind of beef dish (sorry, I didn’t look closely since I ignore the meat dishes) that looked like pepper steak or some sort, as well as what appeared to be chicken fettuccine alfredo.  What caught my eye most was the stuffed shells and another chafing dish of garlic bomb rolls.  If you’ve ever been to a real Italian restaurant here, you know what I mean.   Oh wow, those rolls.

So, as soon as I saw the buffet offerings I was immediately reminded of the old Caesar’s Italian Bistro.  Caesar’s also closed back at the beginning of this year (maybe a month after DaVinci’s).  Caesar’s had the best lunch buffet with very similar offerings, fairly quick and reasonably priced.  I mentioned this to my coworker and guess what?!  It’s the same family!  Now I can have my Caesar’s in the old DaVinci’s location (a much more convenient location to my work).  A fantastic find!

I only made one trip to the buffet with my small sized plate and that was more than enough for me (a rarity).   But I think I could live on the salad and rolls alone and be happy!  The entire bill was $7 with a water for drink.  Not a bad and very fast lunch!!  I’ll definitely be back.

They also have a full menu at lunch with the traditional Italian fare and pizzas.  Their dinner menu looks fantastic and they have quite the wine list as they also bill themselves as a wine bar.  Today’s lunch was my first visit, but I do plan to go back for lunch and to try out the dinner sometime.  Their menu also states that they have carry out, delivery, and catering options as well.  I’m thrilled about this new addition to midtown Nashville.

Vito’s Ristorante & Wine Bar
1812 Hayes Street
Nashville, TN