Feed your Sugar Fiend

If you know me in person, you would agree I am a bit of a sugar fiend.  I admit I have an addiction affinity for all things sweet!  And if it’s chocolate, then that’s better.  And if it’s dark chocolate, even more better!  I keep a stash of chocolate in my desk at work.  I used to call it “emergency chocolate” à la my friend Lesleyeats, but when you eat it every day and restock it regularly, it just becomes “maintenance chocolate” at that point.

So some evil person the fabulous people at Her Nashville Magazine and The Nashville Scene are putting together an event that makes my pre-diabeetus kick in just from reading it called “Sugar Rush.”  If you’re in Nashville next week, you should really get your ticket (they’re selling out fast!) and get your sugar coma on!

These are really some of the best of the best of Nashville’s (and the country’s!) confectioners!  Here’s the best part, you get to try them all, then vote for the best!! And tickets are only $10! And that includes 2 drink tickets, that’s worth the price of a ticket for 2 drinks in this town alone, much less for the sugar overload you can experience.

So get your ticket now, and feed your sugar fiend!


2 Responses

  1. Oh, man! If I lived in Nashville, I’d SO be there.

  2. Ugh, it’d be like a meth addict going to a meth convention. I’ll have to pass unfortunately. 😦

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