Hooping again!

I love the reactions I get when people find out how much I run and race.  (Especially since I’m not a marathoner or Ironman.)  Some of my favorite recent interactions:

My mother just before the Philly Half Marathon: I just don’t know how you do it.
Me: What? It’s just scrambled eggs. (Note this was just after I served her my pre-race meal.)
Mother: No. 13 miles. Running.

Or this past weekend with my hairdresser’s assistant.

Assistant: How many miles do typically you run a week?
Me: During the week about 4-5 miles 2-3 times per week, and then between 7-12 miles on the weekend.
Assistant: All at once?!!!!

But when I talk to my runner and triathlete friends, that’s no big deal.  And in fact, I tend to stay on the lower end of mileage compared to others.  Since I don’t train for full marathons or full Ironman competitions, I’d rather train smarter than harder and avoid injury.  In any case, it’s really hard to shock my fellow athletes with my training.

Until I bring up hooping.  If you remember 2 years ago, I hula hooped the half marathon here in Nashville.  Last year, injuries, training, and personal matters prevented me from training.  So, I made the decision to train with the hoopers every other year, and provide bike support in the off years, which I did last year.  I will not be a trainer again this year, as I will need to focus time and attention on other running and triathlon training.

But yes.  I will hula hoop 13.1 miles.  If you thought running 13 miles at once was hard, try walking with a weighted hoop around your waist.  But the program Hooping For Hope, makes it worth it.  And this year, I have even more inspiration to hoop for the breast cancer survivors.  I have a dear friend who is only a year older than me who is going through aggressive treatment for breast cancer.  She has agreed to let me hoop on her behalf.  And once she has finished her treatment, she can also be a recipient of the Hooping For Hope program.

You can also donate to Hooping For Hope and support me to hoop 13.1 miles (all at once!).  It is a tax-deductible contribution, too!   You are always welcome to donate to Hooping For Hope here and leave a note it is to support Hooper Kelly RAnd soon they will hopefully have the individual donation pages up as well and I will update the blog here with that information.  UPDATE: My individual donation page is up here.  Or if you know me in person, you can always hand-deliver the donations and I will get them to Hooping for Hope!

NOTE: All donations stay with Hooping for Hope.  Hooping for Hope is a stand-alone 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that relies on donations to provide free hoops to breast cancer survivors all over the country, as well as hooping classes to local breast cancer survivors.

15 Responses

  1. Does all of the money donated to Hooping for Hope funnel back into the hoop program? Does any of it go to outside organizations?

  2. All of the money stays within the Hooping for Hope program. The money helps provide free hoops and hoop classes to breast cancer survivors. This is our biggest fundraising event of the year for the program. The program lives off of these donations.

    • Cool… let me know when the individual donation pages are up!

      • You got it!! I will definitely update here and on Twitter! And if you see us out training on the weekend, honk or say hi!

  3. I miss hooping! The half was so amazingly fun! I wish I still lived there cuz I’d totally do it again!

    • Aw we miss you too! I’ll try to post some updates so you can feel included! Let us know if you come back to visit!

  4. It’s because you’re amazing! 🙂 You are my motivator.

  5. […] For HopeSally is going to hoop the half with Hooping For Hope this year – that’s 13.1 miles of hooping in support of breast […]

  6. That is so cool! Good luck!!! I agree with your comment on my blog; animals sunrises etc are my preference…in suburbia. Animals in this urban environment tend to be squirrels, pigeons, and crazies!!! I grew up in CT and love early mornings on my visits!

    • Hey thanks!! It’s immensely harder than running, but definitely rewarding!
      And your early morning runs may not be as peaceful, but definitely more entertaining. I should try running in the city more and not escape to the burbs for my early morning runs.

  7. […] Hopefully I’ll catch up soon.  I have to, racing season starts tomorrow!  I only planned to race the Triple Crown in March, then start in on Tri season.  But I CAN’T say no to a Yazoo Beer Run!  Then, I’ve always wanted to run the Race Judicata, but it’s a really hilly course and takes place the weekend before Triple Crown starts, so I figured I’d save it for next year…until I won an entry to the race.  So now, I need to decide if I run the 5k, the 10k, or both, getting in my 15k (9.3mi) training run (albeit VERY HILLY).  Either way, I can’t really race it if I want to do well and save some gas in the tank for Triple Crown.  I also committed myself to hula hoop the half marathon here. […]

  8. […] Just as I promised, our individual fundraising pages are live.  You can go here and donate to sponsor me to Hoop the Half Marathon with Hooping for Hope! […]

  9. […] don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about a race update on Hooping the Half.  Stay tuned, it’s coming soon!) Like this:LikeBe the first to like this […]

  10. […] friend Sara.  It is fantastic and just what we needed to thaw the dreary winter grays.  I also start training to Hoop the Half Marathon […]

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