Athletic Bucket List

Some people have a bucket list for life.   I have one for athletics! (in no particular order)

  1. Run a half marathon. (Country Music Half Marathon 2007)
  2. Run a 25 minute 5k. (officially in a timed race) (Shelby Bottoms Boogie 5k 9/29/12)
  3. Do a triathlon. (Rambling Rose Tri 2011)
  4. Do an Olympic distance triathlon. (Louisville Border Challenge Tri 7/15/12)
  5. Complete a Half Ironman (70.3).
  6. Run in every state.
  7. Bike an endurance event.
  8. Run an adventure relay (Hood To Coast, Ragnar, Bourbon Trail). (Ragnar TN Nov. 9-10, 2012)
  9. Warrior Dash. (Warrior Dash TN 2011)
  10. Tough Mudder.
  11. Swim in the ocean (not just frolic, like a real swim, perhaps as a triathlon).
  12. Try Cross Fit.
  13. Run a Zombie Race. (Zombie 5k 2011)
  14. Run the Louisville Triple Crown.
  15. Do real pull ups, unassisted.
  16. Place in my age group in a race.  (Updated 6/17/13. As of 9/29/12, placed in 3 sports, running, triathlon, duathlon)
  17. Hula Hoop a half marathon. (2009, 2011)
  18. Witness one of the “big” marathons (NYC, Boston, Chicago, etc.).
  19. Witness an event at the Olympics.
  20. Run a race in a foreign country.  (Detroit Free Press Half Marathon 2009)
  21. Bike the Bourbon Trail or run the Bourbon Trail Relay.
  22. Play in a disc golf tournament.
  23. Run a sub-2:00 half marathon. (Philadelphia Half Marathon 2011)
  24. Master a flip turn in the pool.
  25. Play on a team sport.
  26. Outdoor rock climb.
  27. Get paid for figure skating. (many, many years ago)
  28. Learn to ski.
  29. Learn to snowboard.
  30. Learn to play golf.
  31. Learn to play tennis.
  32. Attend a major league professional sports game: NHL, NFL, MLB, FIFA, NBA

What are your exercise/sports/athletics bucket list items?

9 Responses

  1. Love it! I also have the Run in Every State item on my list. Knocking out Alaska last year was a big one. 🙂

  2. Yep, I stole, um I mean got inspiration for that one from you!!

  3. I love your bucket list! Mine is so similar. I am dying to watch the Olympics and would also love to do a pull up someday.

    • Thank you! The pull up may be even harder than the Olympics. I remember when I was kid and weighed nothing and hadn’t hit puberty, upper body strength wasn’t my nemesis then.

  4. […] reveal coming soon In an effort to meet one of my Athletic Bucket List items, I’m making an exciting reveal very soon.  See I’d really love to run the Hood […]

  5. […] on to the video.  One of my athletic bucket list items is to run the Hood to Coast Relay.  For those of you not in the know, Hood to Coast is a 200 mile relay race that takes place over […]

  6. […] our very cleverly coined team name.  As I have been slowly attempting to tick off items off of my Athletic Bucket List.  One more that has been dogging me for a while is a major relay race.  After applying for Hood […]

  7. […] recovery and post my first DNS ever, unfortunately it’s a 3-for-1.  I come up with an Athletic Bucket List and start working towards a plan to check off the items.  I tour the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and […]

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