Pick Me! For the Team nuun Hood To Coast team!

Just as I promised, I have finished my application for the nuun Hood To Coast relay team!  I think this gives you, and nuun, a really good introduction to me!

So, maybe I should introduce my readers to nuun first before you see the video.  What is nuun?  So glad you asked.  It’s an amazing way to hydrate and get all the electrolytes and other good stuff you need without getting all those sugars in regular sports drinks, but you still get some really great flavors.  Best part? It comes in a tablet that you just drop into your water.  So, you can travel with it.  It doesn’t take much space and no need to worry about liquids or spillage!  I’ve been using nuun for a few years now, when my friend Barbie first told me about it.  So if you’re a runner, or just need to stay hydrated, go check them out!

Now, on to the video.  One of my athletic bucket list items is to run the Hood to Coast Relay.  For those of you not in the know, Hood to Coast is a 200 mile relay race that takes place over 24 hours (give or take) with a relay team of 12 runners trading off various legs of the race.  It starts at Mt. Hood in Oregon and goes all the way to the Pacific coast (hence the name).  It seems like a fun and challenging event and definitely something every runner should do once.

As you know, I’ve done a lot of different kinds of races, but I still want to add that notch to my running shoes.  So, hopefully with the help of nuun, I’ll be on a nuun sponsored team of women running bloggers (hello, what an awesome group of people to be on a team!) in August ready to rock those 200 miles.  So, if you like my video below, let me know in the comments!  This is the biggest part of my application and I’m thrilled to share it with you!

P.S. How awesome is that song?

And many thanks to Downtown Brown who helped get the awesome video of me and gave me some very useful constructive criticism on editing the video!

19 Responses

  1. you are a CHAMP! so cool. They should definitely pick you. Plus, you sold me on that nuun stuff.

    • Aw thanks Morgan! Nuun’s great. I even keep a tube or 2 in my desk at work to make sure I can always stay hydrated. I love the citrus and lemon tea flavors!

  2. If you don’t make it on that team, something is wrong with their pickers! That video is just awesome!

    • Aw thank you Emily! You’re so sweet! And your vote of confidence really means a lot to me!

  3. Awesome video! You have some serious hula hooping skills! I hope they pick you!

    • Aw thank you! Hope they pick you too!!

  4. Really cute!! Love the hula hoop! Can’t wait to meet you in Nashville!

    • Thank you Jocelyn! Can’t wait to meet you in Nashville too!!

  5. They don’t know what they’d be missing if they don’t pick you!

  6. Run Pickles Run! You’d come with your own cheering team!

    • Haha, awesome! I’ll have to use the Pickles nickname for sure!!

  7. I’ll vote for you, IF you’ll guest star in one of MY videos.

    I won’t ask you to do anything skeevy. Just stop swinging the whip…if I say “hippopotamus”

    • Oh Weasel, you’re always good for a laugh!

  8. Y’know, I can’t even run or hula hoop, much less do them at the same time. Very awesome!

    • Thanks Lesley. Give me 5 minutes I’ll have you hooping!!

  9. How did I miss this? Awesome job, Kelly! And I looked at some of the other video applications… lame! Yours is fantastic!

  10. […] Bucket List.  One more that has been dogging me for a while is a major relay race.  After applying for Hood To Coast, I knew I really wanted to be on a team for Ragnar this year.  So, I set my sights on stalking the […]

  11. […] I apply for the Nuun Hood To Coast team, though I don’t get picked, I still make a funny video.  I post some really high mileage with our hoop walking.  And eventually complete the Hooping the […]

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