Location, location, location

Why I love running in the South in the Spring.

  1. Running in and out of intoxicating wafts created by the wild honeysuckle growing everywhere.  (It’s a surprise every single time and I love it!)
  2. Warmer, yet reasonable temperatures.  The weather has not quite reached meltingly infernal temperatures yet.
  3. So many pretty flowers and trees blooming that bring back vibrant color to the once drab winter landscapes.  See also, the wonderful smell of said flowers and trees!
  4. The start of more sunlight in the morning (along with less frozen temperatures) that signal the return of early morning runs, and getting the workout completed before starting your day.
  5. More sunlight in the evening for after work runs with friends, or an easy way to burn off steam from a long day.
  6. Critters!  Birds chirping. Bunnies hopping.  Deer with their fawns.  Even the occasional wild turkey.

What I dislike about running in the South in Spring.

Unpredictable and violent weather.  This is really the only issue I have, but it affects so many things.  It is impossible to pack clothes for a run with more than a couple hours of checking the weather.  The weather can change very drastically and quickly in the course of a day.  39º in the morning, 80º at midday, massive thunderstorm with hail in the evening, 60º at night.  This also makes it very difficult to plan for spring races.  You spend all winter training in the cold, then on race day it could be pleasant, it could be 88º with threat of heat exhaustion, or thunderstorm all day.  The storms can also come on quickly and be very violent.  It may look like just a pleasant sprinkling outside (I love running in a little bit of rain), but in 10 minutes it can turn into tornado conditions and that’s where seconds count in getting to a safe place.  You have to learn to be very flexible, pack a bigger bag for working out with a variety of clothes, and be prepared to scrap a run or hit the gym if the weather turns really nasty, and be safe.



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  1. You had me at honeysuckle and wild critters!!

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