Tri season is upon us

…well it’s upon me.  My first triathlon of the season is Saturday.  I love triathlon.  I love training.  I love racing.  But my heart’s hasn’t really caught up to this season yet.  I had a rough start to this year, and training and health issues have kept me from being as excited about this race as I should be.  I know I’m 100% prepared for this race.  I can do the distances in my sleep.  I know the course with my eyes closed.

Then there’s the swim.  200 meters.  No biggie.  Except they just filled the Olympic sized outdoor pool last week.

  • Do you know how long it takes a pool to warm up to a reasonable temperature?  (I don’t.)
  • Did they fill it while the temperatures were in the 90s a couple weeks ago?  No.
  • Did they wait until it was cold and rainy to fill it?  Yes.

Just for perspective.  Think about the temperature of water that comes out of your hose this time of the year.  Or that first dip in the neighborhood pool after Memorial Day.

Also, typically triathlons where the water temp is under 76º are “wetsuit legal.”  But this is only 200 meters.  It will take me longer to get in and out of a damn wetsuit than to swim 200 meters.  So, I foresee a lot of doggy paddle until I can get my breath under control.

I’m taking guesses on what the final water temperature will be at the start of the race.  Maybe I’ll make this fun and make a contest out of it.  So send me your best guesstimations on water temp for the race.  I’ll let you know if my quads enjoyed the pre-race ice bath.

(Also, don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about a race update on Hooping the Half.  Stay tuned, it’s coming soon!)


8 Responses

  1. You’re going to dominate this tri! Though I feel for you with the cold water! I’ll guess 61 degrees!

    • Oh brrrr! I really hope it’s not that cold!!

  2. 55 degrees

    • Ooh crap, I would really hope they’d cancel the swim if it was that cold. As much as I would hate to make it a duathlon, 55 is freezing.

  3. My best guess is that it’ll be about 76 degrees. Which is still ridiculously cold to me!

    • You are right, that IS ridiculously cold. But I think I could actually handle that better than the other guesses above.

  4. I’m going with 78!

    • Ooh, I could handle that. I think I’ve done one tri that was about 78. Cold, but still able to breathe.

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