Great race name and great race finish

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I live in Nashville.  Affectionately called Music City, USA.  And if you’ve ever spent any time here, you know why.  We honestly have quite the serious music scene here. Although I grew up here, I actually have a degree in music so it’s not all bias for my hometown.  Which is why I absolutely love the name of our sole duathlon here:

Music City Du Run Run

If there was ever a perfect race name, this is it!  Seriously how cute is that for a Du in Nashville?

This year was my second time to race the Du Run Run.  Last year, about halfway through the race, we had a massive thunder (and lightning) storm.  One that really scares you to be outside, much less on a bike or running in the middle of a field.  So this year’s weather seemed to be a little more cooperative, so I was ready.  My goals were to beat last year’s time, first run around16min, second run under 18 min, and to beat my buddy again who made a dramatic stink about being beat by a girl (me) last year.

I lined up at the start line and met another athlete who has the same Coach as me.  I hung out with her at the front of the start line, thinking I would hang with her and that group.  Boy was I in for a surprise.  The runs are 2 laps around soccer fields, cross-country style on the grass.  Not my favorite way to run (terrified I will step in a hole and die break my ankle), but I was prepared after last year.  The bike was a new flatter course that was 2 loops instead of one.

Run 1 – 2 miles – 15:52
Siren goes off and we’re off.  My new friend with the same Coach is crazy fast!!  As in I was running 7min miles (on accident) and had already lost her.  I decided to let that one go.  I needed to race smarter not harder.  Though I was feeling good at about a 7:30 pace, I knew I probably couldn’t hang on to it and perform well in the rest of the race. I forced myself to slow down to somewhere around 8-8:30 so I could hang in there.

T1 – 0:54
Fortunately I was in the rack with all the super fast, queer-looking aero helmet guys.  So by the time I got back to transition, it was just my bike and my buddy’s, plenty of room to transition.

Bike – 10 miles – 35:43
The goal on the bike was to just hang in there.  This is not my strongest leg and I know my buddy is a much more experienced cyclist and could catch up with me like last year if his run was faster this year. I tried to stay in aero as much as possible and didn’t see my buddy until the second lap, which forced me to push it even harder back to transition.

T2 – 0:54
Seriously? How did I get exactly the same time as T1?  When I got to transition, all the aero helmet guys had returned and some had racked their bikes in the wrong spots throwing off me and my buddy (who came in right after me)! I was so pissed. I tried to get out as quick as possible and did a quick stop while running out to lock my yank laces. I really thought this transition would be faster, but with the jackass aero helmet guys and my laces, I lost a few seconds.

Run 2 – 2 miles – 16:32
This run was just about pushing through and getting to the finish line.  A lot of people walked.  By the time you get to this part of the race, they have turned up the heat at least another twenty billion degrees.  You’re hot.  You probably didn’t hydrate enough on the bike while sprinting.  I took a cup of water on the way out of transition took a sip and dumped the rest on my head.  Did the same on the second lap of the run.  I was pretty glad to be done once I hit the finish line, knowing I had met my goals and was faster than last year.

Total time: 1:09: 55

I soon saw the other athlete who has the same Coach.  Turns out she did the whole race in under 1 hour, and got 1st female overall.  So yeah, there was no way I would have been able to hang with her for all of the first run.   But yay for our Coach’s team!!  Then more results started coming in.  And because my teammate had gotten an overall award, it had taken her out of my age group, which means we all moved up.

I got 2nd place in my age group!!  I haven’t placed in a race since middle/high school track!  I was so excited and couldn’t believe it!  This was my first podium finish! (Although there wasn’t an actual podium.)  I was beyond excited.  I got an “Award Winner” pint glass and a Nashville Triathlon Club race belt.  I already have 2 race belts, one of which is an NTC belt, so I traded that for a NTC Headsweats race hat!

My first racing award!!

So the race with the great name gave me a great finish.  Now granted I have trained really hard to get here and I felt really strong on the race and gave as much as I could.  I am very happy with the results.  I rocked that bad boy and have the podium finish and race swag to prove it!

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  1. Oh! That’s what the Du is for!

  2. […] revise my race schedule for the year and really buckle down and distract myself with training.  I compete in the Du Run Run duathlon again and walk away with my first podium finish!  I also finally get back to the doctor for my left arm, and get a diagnosis of Parsonage Turner […]

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