Inside my head – Open Water Swim

Warning, this is a very scary dark place.

One of my My biggest challenge in 2 weeks when I do my first Olympic distance triathlon is the swim portion.  It’s a mile.  A whole freaking mile.  In the water.  In a river.  And you can’t get out.  It’s my first time swimming that distance in a race.  And it’s my first time racing in open water.

So like a good little triathlete, I’ve been trying to get as much practice as I can in open water.  Because many of my readers have no concept of what this is like.  And I also have no frame of reference for what other athletes think.  I’m sharing what happens inside my head during an open water swim.

Before I enter the water:
Oh gawd I don’t want to do this.

As I enter the water:
Ew, it’s gross.
Careful don’t break a toe on those rocks that you can’t see because the water is gross.
Please don’t let anything touch me!

As I swim:
Ok let’s do this.
Don’t drown. Don’t drown. Don’t drown.
Hey this isn’t too bad.
Control your breath.  Even strokes
Don’t think about snakes and critters. Don’t think about snakes and critters. Dammit!
Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.
Ugh, I’m tired.  Where is that buoy?
Stroke, stroke, stroke breathe. Stroke, stroke, stroke breathe.
Seriously where is that buoy?
Hey, I kinda got this now.
Damn Ski Doo, can’t you see people are trying to swim here.
galdkfjw GURGLE asldkfjs Damn Ski Doo waves.
Ugh, swallowed lake water. Am I going to die?
Did something just touch my foot?
Ok, time to practice sighting.  10 strokes then buoy. 10 strokes then buoy.
OMG that buoy keeps getting farther away, am I even going the right direction?
Hey I’m almost done, that wasn’t so bad.

Out of the water:
I’m never going to survive this race.
Ew sand is in weird places.


2 Responses

  1. I wanted to drink bleach when I took a mouthful of Old Hickory Lake.

    I didn’t die.

  2. This is like you literally read my mind. It’s my worst nightmare but it’s got to be done to get to the finish… Good luck!!

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