A 5k and a hat trick

My racing season is winding down.  I can actually say I’m not sad about it.  I’ve been pushing non-stop for 5 months straight now.  I kinda want a little bit of a life back.  Maybe the occasional Friday or Saturday night where I can go out, or sleep in on a Saturday or Sunday morning and have a lazy breakfast.  And I have been taking advantage of some of these things.  So much so, I’ve been a little neglectful of my race reports.

A few weeks ago was the Shelby Bottoms Boogie.  I usually run the 15k every year because it’s a great race;  unique distance, benefits a great charity, and it takes place at the perfect time for training for a fall half marathon.  Except this year, it was scheduled for the week before the Boston Half Marathon.  That’s just a little too close for comfort, racing 9.3miles before a half marathon.  And there’s no way I would not race it.  It’s flat, fast, and I’m always looking for a PR.  So I decided to run the 5k instead.  I haven’t run a 5k since I started running again about 6 years ago.  Also, the 15k is a lot more popular so the 5k field is small and honestly a little slow. Not gonna lie, I was totally looking for a podium finish.  I also had the goal in mind of getting a sub 25-min 5k time.  A 5 or 6min PR over my last 5k.

I arrived for the race ready to go.  I know the course well, it’s the last 1/3 of the 15k course, the part I always hate, so I was ready to run it with fresh legs.  I quickly noticed that there were a lot of little kids in uniforms in the corral.  They were the cross country team from my middle school!  Wow, when I was in middle school we didn’t have cross country. I was on the track team, but we didn’t even have uniforms.  Guess they have come a long way.  We took off and a lot of the kids were sprinting hard, but slowed down after the first mile.  I just kept chugging along at a sub 8-ish pace hoping to reach my sub-25min pace, and I kept picking off other runners and the middle schoolers.  By the last mile I was in a pack of kids shorter than me (see I’m not the tiniest person running!), and slowly picked off a couple more and sprinted in with one of the lead kids, we had left most of the adults behind.

Shelby Bottoms Boogie 5k – 24:27 – 2nd AG!

So, not only did I get my goal time, but I also got second in my age group!! Woo hoo!  And a nice little tumbler with this year’s race logo on it.  So now that makes 3 podium finishes in my 3 different sports, running, duathlon, triathlon!  And all second place too, at least I’m consistent.  So, here’s my hat trick of age group awards.

My hat trick of podium finishes!

Since starting running (and other sports) as an adult I have never placed until this year.  Can’t wait to push it even harder next year!  Stay tuned, I’m planning to do an onslaught of all of my other races that I have done in my little blog-abatical.  Next up – Boston Half Marathon!

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