Signs of the weekend

While making my way around the town this weekend, I came across some fantastic signs.

Have you ever wished for an extra hour in the day?  Well apparently someone here found it.  Who knew it was at a coin laundry?  What a pleasant discovery just next door to a new-to-me Ethiopian restaurant?


Next, while meandering downtown, I found out that the Convention Center was hosting the National Pavement Expo.  Ok, which one of you was keeping this secret from me?  You’re fired.  I mean, think of all the different kinds of nationally recognized pavement (gasp, even asphalt!) I could have seen on display?!  Just so you know, if the International Pea Gravel Convention is going to be anywhere within a 500 mile radius, you better give me a heads up!


And someone thought this town was boring!

Then on Sunday I made my first ever winter weather bike ride.  I just could not bear the thought of attempting to ride the equivalent of 25 miles on my trainer, so I bundled up and headed South to a rural part of the next county over.

At the mid-way point of my ride.

At the mid-way point of my ride.

In two different places I had to go through a single lane underpass under the railroad tracks.  While that sounds treacherous alone, it’s also on an S-curve with no mirrors.  I only had one close call in the 4 times I went through these.

At your own risk.

At your own risk.

And finally, while riding through an area that us Southerners like to call Cun-Tree (that’s “country” for the rest of you), I came across some very suspicious cows.  The first time I rode by, I noticed they all stopped and watched me carefully.  So, on my way back, I stopped to see them.  They were exceptionally apprehensive this time around.  I snapped a couple pictures anyway.

WTF, don't come any closer!

WTF, don’t come any closer!



How was your weekend? 

4 Responses

  1. Bahaha! Jackpot!

  2. Those underpasses are freaking NERVE WRACKING. I hear the northern one will be fixed sometime soon… maybe?

    • I think the northern one is the one I almost had a run-in with a truck. I can’t believe they don’t have mirrors on either side!

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