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Sally’s Storage Solutions
February 12, 2013

Finally, a return of Sally’s Helpful Hints!  Storage solutions edition.

Last summer, I solved a small problem involving my kitchen.  I have terribly small useless kitchen cabinets set up in an inconvenient configuration.  So, my storage space in the kitchen is at a premium.  But I also have a crap-ton* of water bottles that I use for workouts and on the bike.  I originally saw this idea on another triathlete’s blog** a long time ago, but only recently implemented it.


Using an over-the-door shoe organizer to store my water bottles. Now they are neatly organized (along with matching lid) out of the way and not taking up precious cabinet space. I can easily grab them, fill up, and head out the door.

Which led to…

So, recently I was accumulating quite the stash of nutrition; protein bars, Gus, chews, nuun, etc. I could no longer neatly stack them on a counter, and I never knew just how many I had of anything.  I would have to dig through a stack, usually knocking more crap over, to get to what I wanted, digging it out of a box or wondering where that lone Clif Bar went.  So I decided to find another storage solution.  I originally thought some shelves or fancy drawer system hung on a spare wall would be great.  Until I found this.


Boom!  Again, the over-the-door shoe organizer rocks my world!  This one has mesh pockets so I can see exactly what’s in each pouch and approximately how many I have.  So if I’m running low on Clif Shots or have WAY too many energy bars I know.  I can easily grab what I want based on flavor and needs and head out the door.  No more digging or causing nutrition avalanches in my kitchen.

Now, I think I need to replace my water bottle holder with one like the nutrition holder that has 24 instead of 20 pockets!

*Scientific measurement.

** I don’t remember who it was, so sorry for not giving the proper acknowledgement.