Big Announcement: I’m running a marathon

(By the way, I know I’m beyond overdue for race reports.  Many have been started and they are on their way.  I promise.)


Never say never.  I always said I’d never run a marathon.  I mean, c’mon, 26.2 miles??  Really, even 13.1 miles is absurd.  So anything over a half marathon is just plain ridiculous.


But I have plenty of friends who run marathons.  They love it.  But I just don’t know that my body is meant to go that distance.  I ran 15 miles once this summer and it was awful.  {insert Grumpy Cat meme}  Granted it was the day after I rode 70 miles and it was during a heat and humidity wave.


Nonetheless, I’ve decided I’m going to run a marathon anyway.  But…you know me, I can’t just run any marathon.  If I’m going to do this, it may be the only time I ever do this.  So why not do it in style?


So, instead of just running a marathon.  I’m going to warm up before the run, by swimming 2.4 miles.  Yeah, crazy huh?


But ya know what? That’s still not enough.  I’m going to also ride my bike for 112miles.  Absolutely nuts!


So I guess you figured out what my big announcement is by now…


16 Responses

  1. LOVE IT! Can’t wait to hear about the training and the big race! p.s. totally knew you would make the right choice here!

    • Haha Greg, how could I pass up the opportunity to train on the course any time I wanted, and train and race with lots of local friends? It’s totally terrifying but might as well get it out of the way now.

  2. Good luck!!!

  3. Love it! As I have said before- you are going to rock it! So proud that you decided this was the right time for you and made your dream a goal! 🙂 Go get em! And I’ll be here cheerin for you the whole way!

    • Thank you Juls! I’m going to need quite a bit of cheering. And ibuprofen…

  4. Wow! What an exciting decision to make. You’re gonna’ rock it! Looking forward to hearing all about your training and the BIG RACE!

  5. AHH! So exciting!! Can’t wait to read about it!

  6. Good luck, lady.

  7. This is awesome! Our friend Mike (who you may have met at some Yazoo runs) is also doing the Ironman Chattanooga. Best of luck to you through the training and big event!

    • Taylor, that’s awesome! I do remember Mike. Glad to see he’ll be out on the course too! May have to have him join us for some recon on the course.

  8. Whoa! This is HUGE! All the best to you on your training and the race!

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