Tracking Ironman Chattanooga

Several people have asked about tracking my Ironman race on Sunday. Here is all the info you will need, including how to track my times online, or with an app, and how to even see a live video feed of the finish line. I have also included spectator information that I have handed out to friends who will be in the area or who live in Chattanooga. Please note all times are Eastern Time Zone.


Ironman Chattanooga
Sunday, September 28, 2014
7:40am Eastern

  • Swim: The swim starts at 7:30 for the pro athletes and 7:40-8:20 for the regular folk. We start upstream and get out at Ross’s Landing by the Aquarium, then head out on the bike. Most people will be coming in on the swim around 8:45-10am, so you can go to one of the bridges and watch them swim under you.  We swim to the left of the island, so we’re on the downtown side (as opposed to Northshore side).
  • Bike: The bike course heads down to and rides mostly in North Georgia. There is a shuttle to Chickamauga for spectators, see below. I think most people will be getting in from the bike to head out on the run between 3:30-6pm (6:15pm is the cutoff for the bike, if they’re not in by then they’re not allowed to run).
  • Run: Then the run goes until 12:15am.

Tracking information: You will be able to track me on the Ironman page and there are several apps that you can use. It will give you an idea of where I am on the course as I cross different timing mats and estimate when I will be coming in for the next leg.

  • Ironman Website:
    You will be able to track athletes here, either by last name or “bib number.” My bib number is 1011. There will be a LIVE video feed from a couple points during the race, but most importantly there is a live feed of the finish line. (This can be found from if not on the link above)  You can track an athlete’s times and the website will show a “predicted finish time.” NOTE, however that athletes tend to finish the last few miles much faster than predicted or than they have been traveling up to that point. Once we can “smell the barn” we pick up the pace and bring it in strong, hopefully.

Tracking Apps:
The apps I like are IronMobile and IMTrackr. IronTrac is a free download but they make you buy a season pass for 2014, so don’t bother with that one. I’m sure there are other apps also available, but these are what I use and like.

  • IMTrackr is awesome and is my favorite, because it sends you notifications as the person you’re tracking hits the different timing mats. It also seems to be much faster than the others at giving you updates and having the info ready earlier than 24hrs out from the race. However, it only lets you set one person to “favorites” per race without buying additional credits, that’s the only downside.
  • IronMobile is good and is free. It lets you track as many athletes as you want, but you have to go to the app and refresh to get updated info, it doesn’t send notifications. It does however give you an estimated finish time like the Ironman website does.

Spectator Guides:

Course Maps:

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  1. I just released a new Android app for tracking athletes in Ironman. It’s called IRONMAN Follower and can be downloaded from the play store. Please check out

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