Productive Day
July 19, 2009

My accomplished list today:

Ran 6 miles – (we had a record low this morning and it felt wonderful; I also saw not 1, but 2 pairs of does and fawns within the first mile!)

Mowed the front and back lawns – (if you’ve seen my back lawn, you know it’s a task within itself)

Added more soil and mulch to my tomato plants – (c’mon buddies grow!)

Transplanted some plants that were rooting in water into 3 pots.

Showered – (after all that, I was one ripe girl)

Grocery shopped

Hunted some urban dinosaurs – (stay tuned, I have some exciting things to share!)

Made some much-needed purchases at the sporting goods store

Washed 3 loads of laundry

Reviewed several contracts

Washed dishes – (I do not have a dishwasher, so yes, this counts!)

Made chocolate chip cupcakes

Spent some time with friends and Sunday evening TV – (we’re currently watching this and this)

Are you tired yet?

Sally’s Beach Adventure
May 25, 2009


I just returned from a lovely visit to the Gulf in Ft. Morgan, Alabama.  Barbie and I packed up the car and headed down mid-week.  Much love to Bama, whose family’s cabin we visited.  Bama was already gone, after spending the first part of the week there, but we visited with Bama’s mom and her friend.

beach 1

Note how far away the water is from the cabin...

Note how far away the water is from the cabin...

beach 3

beach 4

The first couple days were nice, but a bit windy.  The sand blasted you if you stayed on the beach too long.  Can you see the wind blowing around on the top of the sand dune?


beach 5

beach 7

Then, the wind started picking up more on the third day, so we (natch) hit the outlet mall.  Don’t worry, we didn’t do too much damage.  But we did have gelato for dinner at the best little spot.  Who says billboards don’t work?  Worked for us!

On the last day, I woke up to find that the Gulf of Mexico had moved in closer to the cabin…and under the cabin!  Apparently a tropical depression had been moving in.  Now notice how close the water is to the cabin now.

storm 1

storm 2

storm 3

Yes, that is water under the cabin and a wave slowly drifting towards the deck.

storm 4

So we packed up the car and headed home.  It rained the entire trip back, but it was fun adventure no doubt!

beach 6

Happy cheap heart candy day!
February 15, 2009

That’s right, it’s one of my favorite times of year!  Cheap candy day!  It only happens three times a year, February 15, another day in the spring, and November 1.  Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Halloween are the best candy holidays.  Regardless of whether you buy into the commercialism or spiritualism of any of those holidays, you can’t deny the thrill of 50% off candy!

It was a great weekend!  After a long week, I met the girls from work at the local brewery for a brew.  Then I met my Valentine for some sushi before he had to do some late night work.  I got up early on Saturday, and got in another run.  (yay, I’m running again!)  Then I made some candy for my Valentine – chocolate covered peanut butter balls, both creamy and extra crunchy.  I also got him a really cool vintage retro robot that he opened when we got home later that evening.  He told me he had surprise plans at 3:30.  I LOVE surprises and it was wonderful!  First, he picked me up and took me to my favorite indie theater to see an old movie with Charlie Chaplin.  It was a later, talkie movie where Chaplin plays this French character, Monsieur Verdoux, not the Tramp character that brought him more fame.  I absolutely adore old movies.  And especially at the Belcourt.

Then we walked around the trendy college part of town for a little while because we had a half hour before our next destination.  (hint- tune in for the next post to reveal something cool I discovered there!)  My Valentine then took me to a new tapas restaurant in town that everyone’s been raving about, and I coincidentally know the executive chef from my figure skating days.  Earlier in the week, I pointed out an article about the restaurant to him while we were hanging out.  Apparently after I left, he called and made reservations!  This place was incredible!!  I had heard great things, but it didn’t even begin to scratch the surface.  This is definitely my new favorite place for both high end and small bites.  We shared the most fantastic food and dessert!  It was definitely my best Valentine’s ever!  (and I don’t really like V-day)  My Valentine is definitely pretty great!

This morning we walked to the local bagel shop, but they were out of the awesome wraps, so we made our own. Yum!  While my Valentine went to a baby shower, I took his pup to the dog park.  That was so much fun, and cold!


We spent nearly an hour there and he was pooped out when he got home.


I’m still giddy from the weekend.  Now, I’m off to Bama’s for a little cable watching!

Adventures in Awards
November 14, 2008

Last night, I took Bama’s friend, Miss B, to a local country music awards show, hosted by one of my former employers.  Although I think they should rename it the PCA’s, or the Pop Culture Awards.  There were mega movie stars galore, TV stars, rap artists, reggae music, former pop artists, jokes about the recent election, and the list goes on.  It was all glam and very little country.  (though I was able to rack up some points on “spot the mullet”)  But it was moderately entertaining, and I enjoyed Miss B’s company.

One of the highlights of the night was Miss B’s interpretation of a woman standing near our aisle.  In the words of Miss B: “She works so hard all year not eating just so she can wear a bird on her chest.”  The woman was frail, but had on this crazy strapless dress that looked like a huge feather boa was wrapped around the top of the dress. 

The other highly entertaining moment of the night was at the after party.  First we ran into Abe Lincoln crossing the street, but that’s not the exciting part believe it or not.  We mingled and ate (to make up for the woman with the bird dress), but decided to head home after a little while.  On our way out, we noticed a man wearing a suit and a cowboy hat (really how original!), but his suit was amazing!  All along the lapel and down the front of the jacket were these tiny lights.  They were even along the cuffs of his jacket.  But wait, the excitement doesn’t stop there…he also had tiny lights on the buttons on his tux shirt as well as on his bow tie!!  Pure class all the way.  Miss B astutely observed that one does not wear something like that and not expect questions.  So I pushed her (always the instigator) to go ask him about the batteries required for that suit.  He very abruptly answered her and we were on our way.  But I had no idea someone would wear that in public, in all seriousness. 

So maybe there actually is a way to properly combine glam and country…I think it’s called tacky.

Bring it!
October 19, 2008

In the words of Barbie…even I can’t make up something this good.

Being the good daughter and sucker for a concert, I agreed to go out on a Saturday night with my mother to see her colleague’s band.  When we arrived, two more of her colleagues were already there….in costume!  After a few minutes into the set, I suddenly realized the ridiculousness of my evening and sent a text message to Bama:

“@ a bar watching rockabilly band with mom, Bat Girl, & Wonder Woman”

Even I can’t make up something so fantastically ridiculous.  Is this what your 30s are all about?  If so, bring it!

eyes & ears
October 15, 2008

What I’m currently watching…

The Oh in Ohio
I watched half of this so far and it’s hilarious.  Much better than I imagined.  The cast is stellar; with my girl Parker Posey (love, love, love her!) along with Paul Rudd, Danny Divito, Mischa Barton, and Liza Minelli (as a masturbation coach – yes I said it!).

Project Runway, Season 5 Finale
I wasn’t sure where this season was going at first.  But by the finale I think it became fairly predictable.  And there were enough tears to create realistic waves in Leann’s collection.   Nonetheless, it is still one of my big guilty pleasures.  Bama and I curled up on the couch and did some catty critiquing the only we way we know how!

Freedom, Clutch, and International Travel
October 2, 2008

It’s official I’m officially free of the old job.  Yesterday was my last day at the firm.  There are several people I will miss, but staying in touch isn’t hard.  And there are several people and things about my old job I won’t miss at all.  I look forward to reacquainting myself with freedom.

Last night I went to see Clutch with Bama.  I love this band.  Although they don’t have the most rockstar looks for a band, they definitely rock out!  The lead singer is incredible, great voice.  He also has an extremely intense stare.  It’s a little unnerving, but their sound definitely makes up for it.  I think Bama enjoyed it for the most part, even if the singer’s looks were even more spooky for her.  Also, we got to witness a very large man take down another guy.  The jury’s still out on whether the large guy was a bouncer or it was just a fight.  Hopefully he was the bouncer, because I don’t think anyone could bounce him.

And it’s official, I’m out of the country!  I flew to Detroit today and Barbie picked me up at the airport.  We stopped at a Coney’s diner and had some cheap diner food to get the Michigan experience.  Then she took me across the border to Canada.  Border crossing was way simpler than I thought.  They didn’t even look at my passport.  So much for stressing out about it.

When we got to town, she drove me to the university so I could see when she works and studies.  Also, I may be riding the bus all by myself tomorrow to meet her over there, so hopefully I can do it in the daylight.  And to answer the question on everyone’s mind…Yes, it is cold here.  It’s not freezing, but it is certainly not warm.  But as everyone back home knows, it turned pretty chilly there today too.

More tomorrow.  We have some great things up our sleeves….I mean planned.  Stay tuned!

eyes & ears
September 29, 2008

What I’m currently watching…

The Philadelphia Story
Starring Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant, and James Stewart.  Sigh.  What a love story.  Just so we’re clear, I do not generally enjoy romantic movies at all.  But this is the great Kate Hepburn.  So it’s full of strong womanhood, comedy, and phenomenal acting.  This one’s worth watching twice!

What I’m currently listening to…

Clutch: (any album)
I’m going to see Clutch play at fun little venue here in town on Wednesday.  They are always great in concert.  Truly a great rock band, that do nothing but put out albums and tour.  I missed the last show a couple months ago because the lead singer had vocal problems.  Bama is joining me and hopefully will rock out along with me.

September 21, 2008

Last night I tried something new.  And I love it!  I dangled from a single rope about two stories above the ground.  Climbing-My new favorite activity! 

I joined Bama and some of her friends for climbing last night at my new gym.  We had a quick belay lesson, which is basically how you climb while harnessed in and put your faith and fragile little body into the hands of a “buddy.”  I chose Bama as my buddy, because, well if I’m going to trust anyone it might as well be her.  I know where she lives.  After our lesson, the unknowing instructor turned us loose in the gym to turn into little monkeys crawling all over the place. 

I absolutely loved it and I must say I’m glad I’ve been working out at the gym because all the newfound strength was a bonus.  And since I’m a member at the gym, I can go climb all I want – double bonus!

Good ole time
September 7, 2008

Saturday was…well…a good ole time.

It’s the first weekend with Barbie gone. So I’m working on adjusting. After a morning of running errands, I called Bama. She and some of her ‘school-friends’ were going to the state fair to see the monster truck show. I immediately volunteered to chaperone their outing! I mean c’mon, monster trucks?! City girls get excited by the weirdest things! [Clarification: City girl = Sally. I was very excited to join them, hence the emphasis on “immediately volunteered” above.]

Upon entering the fair, we cruised the games, food, etc. Talk about stimulus overload!

Then we headed to the monster truck show. Yay! Which included stunt motorcycle riders. Bonus Yay! For your viewing enjoyment…

Afterwards, Bama and I went to the local pub by my house for a glass of unassuming wine. With some liquid relaxation in us, we called up some of her ‘school-friends’ we left at the fair earlier, and met the girls at the local Hustler Hollywood store for some more fun. The other girls had a great time giggling and learning. It was a great night all around!

And just one more video for the road…