BiT months 3&4
May 24, 2013

The latest update from Body in Training entries. I’ve decided to keep these as monthly but I’ll only post bi-monthly.

Month 3
Never really got a good chance to get a picture outside with good lighting, so unfortunately this one had to be inside, with less than optimum lighting.  Oh yeah, I got a new haircut.  Does it make me more aero?  My weight, body fat, BMI, and blood pressure are down.



Height: 63.5″
Weight: 133.6lbs
Blood Pressure: 117/76
BMI: 23.3
Body Fat: 18.8%
Fat weight: 25.1lbs
Lean (fat-free) weight: 108.5lbs
Total Body Water: 33.6663 Liters, or 60.4%

Month 4
Finally got to get back outside for a picture.  You can see my lovely plants and herbs I’m planning to grow this summer, and a cameo from Diva Kitty eating grass.  Again, my weight, BMI, and blood pressure are all down a little bit.  My body fat percentage went back up.  I figure this is either last month’s reading wasn’t entered properly and/or I am retaining some water from this month since it’s about 5 days out from a race.  It’s only 0.1% higher than BiT month 2.



Height: 63.5″
Weight: 133lbs
Blood Pressure: 115/75
BMI: 23.2
Body Fat: 20.9%
Fat weight: 27.7lbs
Lean (fat-free) weight: 105.4lbs
Total Body Water: 34.62 Liters, or 60.2%

For comparison, you can find BiT month 1 here, and BiT month 2 here.

BiT month 2
March 5, 2013

Here’s the latest update on Body in Training. A little late to posting, but this is for February’s posting.  I’m up a little bit of weight and body fat, but nothing significant.  Also, it snowed the entire day I took this picture.  Brrrrr!  (hence the boots, hat, and mittens)  But unfortunately none of the snow really stuck to the ground.  And as you can see, Diva Kitty got a little bit of a romp outside.  Hopefully soon, I’ll also figure out how to get my resting heart rate and include that in the future BiT posts too.

Diva Kitty inspecting the snow covered grass.

Diva Kitty inspecting the snow covered grass.

Left shoulder blade starting to even out. And little bit of tricep action coming out.

Left shoulder blade starting to even out. And little bit of tricep action coming out.

Height: 63.5″
Weight: 135.6lbs
Blood Pressure: 129/81
BMI: 23.6
Body Fat: 20.8%
Fat weight: 28.2lbs
Lean (fat-free) weight: 107.4lbs
Total Body Water: 36.63 Liters, or 59.5%

Body in Training
January 22, 2013

At the end of last year’s training season, I could not believe the transformation I could see on myself in just 4 short months.  It made me wish I had taken before and after photos so I could really measure the change.  So I decided I’d do that this year, the year of my first Half Ironman.

This month marks the first week of real training (i.e., paying money for spoon-fed ass-kicking workouts from a coach) for me.  So this entry will mark my baseline from where I start.  While I hate having my picture taken with a fury of a thousand hells, sometimes visual examples are best.  But for those of you (like me) who require more concrete data, I have also some numbers for you chew on.  My employer offers a service that takes a few health measurements, so I will obtain those as I go along too.

It's about 30-something degrees during this photo shoot. Hence the awkward smile and puffy hat.

It’s about 30-something degrees during this photo shoot. Hence the awkward smile and puffy hat.


Sigh, left scapula still ‘scooped’ out from PTS.

Height: 63.5″
Weight: 135lbs
Blood Pressure: 128/78
BMI: 23.5
Body Fat: 20.3%
Fat weight: 27lbs
Lean (fat-free) weight: 108lbs
Total Body Water: 37.13 Liters, or 59.8%

At the end of last season, I loved how fit I was but I started to get a little too thin in some areas.  Since this year’s training will last at least twice as long as last season, I had one goal and that was put on a little bit of weight in the off season so I had something to lose.  Normally this is not an issue for me, and I managed to put on about 5 extra pounds and added a little extra fluff to my mid-section.

It is very important to note that this series of posts is not about losing weight.  In fact, if it’s anything like last season, I may remain the exact same weight, but things like blood pressure or body fat may change, and more importantly my shape and muscles may change.  I am a perfectly happy, healthy individual and do not feel the need to change anything.