Clean sport
January 15, 2017

There is a very important movement going on in amateur and professional sports. And I’m a little disappointed. In my mind, as an athlete it is vital that I live a clean life, personally, in training, and in competition. That means putting in good healthy fuel in my body to make it run at top form. While our competitive nature makes us want to take any advantage we can to win, it must be a fair competition. But unfortunately, there is still a serious problem with unfair practices and doping. I’m disappointed that we still struggle with this problem even within our own country, but I am very proud to see several brands (such as Nuun Hydration) and professional athletes taking a stand.

So, I have, along with many of my fellow athletes, signed the Clean Sport Collective. True, I may not always be the most naturally fastest athlete, but I believe in the importance in clean fuel, clean training, clean competition.