Athletic Bucket List
March 28, 2012

Some people have a bucket list for life.   I have one for athletics! (in no particular order)

  1. Run a half marathon. (Country Music Half Marathon 2007)
  2. Run a 25 minute 5k. (officially in a timed race) (Shelby Bottoms Boogie 5k 9/29/12)
  3. Do a triathlon. (Rambling Rose Tri 2011)
  4. Do an Olympic distance triathlon. (Louisville Border Challenge Tri 7/15/12)
  5. Complete a Half Ironman (70.3).
  6. Run in every state.
  7. Bike an endurance event.
  8. Run an adventure relay (Hood To Coast, Ragnar, Bourbon Trail). (Ragnar TN Nov. 9-10, 2012)
  9. Warrior Dash. (Warrior Dash TN 2011)
  10. Tough Mudder.
  11. Swim in the ocean (not just frolic, like a real swim, perhaps as a triathlon).
  12. Try Cross Fit.
  13. Run a Zombie Race. (Zombie 5k 2011)
  14. Run the Louisville Triple Crown.
  15. Do real pull ups, unassisted.
  16. Place in my age group in a race.  (Updated 6/17/13. As of 9/29/12, placed in 3 sports, running, triathlon, duathlon)
  17. Hula Hoop a half marathon. (2009, 2011)
  18. Witness one of the “big” marathons (NYC, Boston, Chicago, etc.).
  19. Witness an event at the Olympics.
  20. Run a race in a foreign country.  (Detroit Free Press Half Marathon 2009)
  21. Bike the Bourbon Trail or run the Bourbon Trail Relay.
  22. Play in a disc golf tournament.
  23. Run a sub-2:00 half marathon. (Philadelphia Half Marathon 2011)
  24. Master a flip turn in the pool.
  25. Play on a team sport.
  26. Outdoor rock climb.
  27. Get paid for figure skating. (many, many years ago)
  28. Learn to ski.
  29. Learn to snowboard.
  30. Learn to play golf.
  31. Learn to play tennis.
  32. Attend a major league professional sports game: NHL, NFL, MLB, FIFA, NBA

What are your exercise/sports/athletics bucket list items?

The countdown begins
September 23, 2008

It is officially one more week at the law firm.  My last day is next Wednesday – a week from tomorrow.  I am slowly bringing home items that took me five months to get to the office, books for reference, CDs for entertainment, food for nourishment, etc. 

I leave for Canada to visit Barbie next Thursday – a week and two days away.  And I start my new job the following Tuesday – two weeks from today.  So, start the countdown calendar. 

P.S. I’m going climbing again this week.  Maybe I’ll remember my camera this time.

September 21, 2008

Last night I tried something new.  And I love it!  I dangled from a single rope about two stories above the ground.  Climbing-My new favorite activity! 

I joined Bama and some of her friends for climbing last night at my new gym.  We had a quick belay lesson, which is basically how you climb while harnessed in and put your faith and fragile little body into the hands of a “buddy.”  I chose Bama as my buddy, because, well if I’m going to trust anyone it might as well be her.  I know where she lives.  After our lesson, the unknowing instructor turned us loose in the gym to turn into little monkeys crawling all over the place. 

I absolutely loved it and I must say I’m glad I’ve been working out at the gym because all the newfound strength was a bonus.  And since I’m a member at the gym, I can go climb all I want – double bonus!